Meeting room – An indispensable room in Hao Phuong

Meeting room - An indispensable room in Hao Phuong

Anyone, when going to work, can at least once in a while attend group meetings, department meetings, company meetings to partner meetings. Only 2 or 3 participants are also considered to be in a meeting. But: Where is the meeting? At work, at a cafe, or at work?

That’s the question of so many people and leaders when they want to organize or attend a meeting. If considered in all cases, a meeting held right at the company itself will be more beneficial and more effective. However, not all companies and businesses have their own meeting rooms, which they often have to rent outside to organize even the smallest meeting among members => this maybe influence the success of the meeting, it is necessary to have a meeting room at the company, it is necessary to have a meeting room at the company. Therefore, through this article, I hope everyone can understand more about the importance of a meeting room when being in the company.

A brief summary of the meeting room

The meeting room is a space for each agency and enterprise to hold important discussions, conferences, seminars, negotiations and is also a specialized room used to receive customers and partners of every company

The meeting room plays an important role, a place to give ideas, work orientations of people, this is the place where people can propose their own ideas, raise their thoughts and comments. This is considered to be the best collaboration space, the optimal and flexible workspace to unify and devise plans and strategies, although there are still many people who think that meeting is not the same. , meeting at work is okay, …

The meeting room is a testament to the existing and growing company through the plans, strategies, and orientations that are presented in every meeting. And every meeting that takes place is the key to success, if any company or business doesn’t meet, it means the company is dying.

Meeting room at Hao Phuong

Since the construction of the headquarters, Hao Phuong has arranged for the entire system of 5 meeting rooms, although they all share the same function as a meeting, each room also has its own specific functions.

Not only that, but all 5 meeting rooms are also set with different names. And have everyone of you ever tried to look up at the billboard of the company’s meeting room, wondering why it had such a name? Why are “Prestige”, “Integrity”, “Creativity”, “Responsibility” and “Devotion”. Is it not that any other value? Surely the Board of Directors of the company has gently conveyed meaningful messages through each such name.

First meeting room: Prestige room is on the G floor of the company

This is a room specializing in organizing internal events (member’s birthday, …), seminars, training sessions for staff, a large meeting of the Board of Directors, the Executive Board, … and this is also the room. welcoming, discussing, discussing between the company and customers, partners.

With the name “Prestige”, Hao Phuong wishes that anyone who is the company’s staff when setting foot in this meeting room must always put “Prestige” on top, taking the word Prestige as an important weapon to build trust with everyone, especially with all customers and partners, at every meeting, negotiation, or regular meeting. Because “Prestige” is always the key to opening the door of success. In life, the most important thing for each person is the word “Prestige”. Losing it means losing trust and respect from others. The ancients said: “Discredit is the greatest failure in life”. Faithful living is to live in accordance with human morality, in accordance with the national tradition with respect and promotion of the human faith in order to build a society with harmonious beliefs.

2nd meeting room: Integrity room on the G floor

Main function: A room for interviews of job applicants, and this is also a meeting room of the production and design department, …

With the name “Integrity”,  this is an important first factor. The company appreciates: Anyone entering this meeting room must always humbly listen to the opinions of everyone in the society (when being interviewed), of the collective and moreover his subordinates (when the meeting about a plan) that is integrity. There are many who think that: Integrity is a virtue, but it can be done or not, and there are no significant consequences. But in fact, lack of integrity will cause bad consequences. At the same time, when people have integrity, it is easy for people to flexibly adapt to all situations and come up with new business ideas. The company always sets out measures to nurture and foster the integrity of its employees because integrity is the most basic position to help the business succeed in every sense.

3rd meeting room: Creativity room on the first floor

Main function: Used exclusively for strategic board meetings – meetings at the highest level of the company, in addition to being requisitioned by the project department for its plans.

Creativity guides people to new things, paving the way for the company to follow, Hao Phuong wishes that every individual entering this meeting room will always bring his own creativity to contribute to the development of the company. Therefore, the company always appreciates the creativity of each person, encourages all its employees to be creative at the right time, in the right place and in the right way, refreshing solutions from combining the existing values ​​and the new ideas. The work will be solved more effectively if each person knows how to use his creativity appropriately with the circumstances, creating highly effective products.

4th meeting room: Responsibility room on the first floor

Main function: This is the regular meeting room used by sales team, customer care, supply chain, …

Society is growing day by day and we are members of a collective who directly help the growth of the company. Through the name of this meeting room, it is seen as a message to Hao Phuong’s “warriors” to be responsible, responsible for yourself, responsible for work and responsible for Hao Phuong. Because, just a small action of a good or bad person greatly affects the whole company. Completing yourself is like being responsible for yourself before being responsible for other things. In the work, if making mistakes, instead of denying and avoiding, it is necessary to fix the errors and find ways to overcome them. That is how we shape the motto of long-lasting life tomorrow. For the company, the company always has responsibility to all employees through daily words and actions.

5th meeting room: Devotion room on 2nd floor

Main function: It is a specialized room for meetings of the marketing, accounting, administration, and technical services departments.

“To do great things, you must first believe in it.” That is the sentence that Hao Phuong would like to mention to all members through the name of this meeting room. Just have faith, even if there are difficulties seemingly impossible, we will still overcome. Building trust will help maximize the dedication in our work now and in the future. Dedication in work is the core of belief. Trust is not only a reward, it is also a tangible asset that Hao Phuong always aims at, maintains and sees as a basis for activities to create sustainable success.

Act together

Among many good values in life, the Board of Directors of the company has selected the 5 core values as above to pursue and serve as the foundation for us to accompany and make decisions.

Each name contains a message, each value is equally valuable. Every day, come to the company, every time you step into each meeting room, remember and cultivate yourself such valuable values!

Hao Phuong Board of Directors also wants every employee to get for themselves the necessary values in luggage on the road of life and with the road attached to Hao Phuong.

Prestige in any case

Integrity in all circumstances

Creativity anytime, anywhere

Responsibility in each action

Devotion in every job