LOTTE Mart (Indonesia) – Hao Phuong’s first integrated electrical system project on the “land of thousand islands”

LOTTE Mart (Indonesia) - Hao Phuong's first integrated electrical system project on the

LOTTE is one of the fast-growing corporations with 199 headquarters worldwide as of August 2011 – Specialized in providing reliable products and bringing new value to consumers. In 2013, Hao Phuong as a contractor specializing in system integration projects, supplied and integrated the MCC system, control panel, … for the electrical system at LOTTE Mart in Indonesia.

About LOTTE Mart Indonesia Group – System integration project done by Hao Phuong

LOTTE Mart is a subsidiary of Korea LOTTE Group, which is a large supermarket chain that offers a wide variety of groceries, clothing, toys, electronics, and other goods. LOTTE Mart opened its first branch in Guui-dong, Gang Byeon, Seoul, Korea on April 1, 1998. In 2008, LOTTE Mart expanded to overseas markets in the following countries:

  • China (May)
  • Indonesia (November)
  • Vietnam (December)

LOTTE Mart (Indonesia) - Hao Phuong's first integrated electrical system project on the "land of thousand islands"

LOTTE Mart – Asia’s leading retail chain supermarket

LOTTE Mart Indonesia belongs to LOTTE Group of Korea. Present in Indonesia since 2008, LOTTE Mart is considered one of the first foreign retailers to enter Indonesia and has grown successfully to this day. The LOTTE Mart system in Indonesia includes 46 branches distributed throughout supermarkets across the country.

Hao Phuong reaches the world through LOTTE Mart (Indonesia) system integration

Electrical system integration is definitely indispensable with any supermarket. And to have a standard system integration project, ensuring safe electricity supply as well as bringing efficiency to trading activities, security, alarm, … of a large supermarket system, requires asked a professional contractor to undertake the role of designing and executing the electromechanical system of the project.

System integration solution is implemented by Hao Phuong

Hao Phuong is proud of being a unit that has contributed a great deal of benefits to LOTTE Group when accompanying with the investor in 2013, successfully implementing the LOTTE Mart project (Indonesia) in many categories. : Supplying, integrating MCC system, control panel, …

LOTTE Mart (Indonesia) - Hao Phuong's first integrated electrical system project on the "land of thousand islands"

Hao Phuong integrates a safe and efficient MCC system for LOTTE Mart in Indonesia

It can be said that in order to achieve success, the investor can quickly put the project into operation in the shortest time. Hao Phuong has organized the management work closely and closely such as:

  • Gather all resources
  • Based on the design of work volume and work characteristics
  • Construction site survey
  • Based on the request of the investor

Hao Phuong quickly embarked on construction, based on the set directions, ensuring the best progress and quality. Up to now, more than 7 years after implementing LOTTE (Indonesia), operating stably and constantly developing over time, as a direct construction unit, we cannot help but be proud: A key system integration project on “Land of thousand islands” with the participation of Hao Phuong.

Hao Phuong – Proud to become the most prestigious electrical system integrator in Vietnam

With the high determination and proper direction of the management board, the consensus of the officers and employees, Hao Phuong is gradually realizing its goal of becoming the most prestigious electrical system integrator. country and region. Create a solid foundation for progressing to its mission “Pioneering in solving the challenges in the era of Industry 4.0.