List of teams participating in the Hao Phuong football tournament in 2017

giải bóng đá bóng đá 2017

There are only a few days left until the 2017 Hao Phuong Football League officially kicked off.

Let’s check out the list of 6 teams and 6 cheerleading teams that will join this competition!

Hao Phuong Football League 2017 will officially start from July 7 to August 4, 2017, at Phu Long Football Stadium. The closer they are to the start of the season, the more active the players are racing against time to have quality training sessions. The presence of excellent strikers from different departments, the appearance of unique “one-on-one” cheers from the support teams and the careful preparation from the organizers promised to bring rejuvenate their team and play style, and also compete fiercely in the spirit of “Fairplay” among teams of equal talent.

Everything is ready! Let’s join Hao Phuong to follow and cheer the fierce competition among teams!

The official list of talented teams in the Hao Phuong Open Tournament 2017

Team 1 – where captain Duong is showing the ability of “leader” side by side with those “veterans” with years of experience

Team 2 – With the same team of players spread across many routes – a “heavyweight” candidate for the championship.

Team 3 – Ranking “seed” – is a team that any team is afraid to confront

Team 4: “The battlefield of the match” of the captain Vinh Thien is the basis for the teammates towards the champion

Team 5 – A hidden number of tournaments – the team promises to create many surprises for the opponents

The ambition to become a champion is a special point that Team 6 brought to this tournament.

The official schedule of 2017 Hao Phuong football tournament