Launching the 2017 Hao Phuong football tournament

Creating a healthy playground after working hours as well as develop a sports movement and link solidarity between employees

For the first time, Hao Phuong Limited organized the 2017 football tournament and will officially start the competition on July 7, 2017
This season, there are 6 teams from different departments. Especially, each team will be able to select an enthusiastic female support team and be ready to arrange housework to “fight” with their team until the last minute.

It is expected that the 2017 Hao Phuong Football League will take place from July 7 to August 4, 2017. Each match will take place within 60 minutes, including 20 minutes 1 inning and 10 minutes for a haft time break.

Although this is the first year Hao Phuong Company organized an extensive football tournament but received an enthusiastic response from staff. After a tiring working day, the brothers invited each other to the training ground with the belief that they would win the prize this season.

Currently, the organizers have also completed the preparation and ready for the successful season.

Hao Phuong 2017 internal soccer tournament promises to bring many surprises and interesting

To enhance the attractiveness and fair competition

The organizers also renewed the award structure. Specifically, in addition to the main prizes, Nhat, Nhi, and Ba, there is one more style prize like the following: Be the “beautiful” football team, behave “beautiful” on the football field from the beginning to the end of the match.

It is expected that the opening ceremony of the 2017 Hao Phuong Open Football Championship will take place at 17:30 on July 7, 2017, at Phu Long Football Stadium. Then 4 out of 6 teams will join the first match.

Along with many other meaningful and humanitarian activities for employees, Hao Phuong 2017 football tournament continues to blow a new wind to help people have more motivation and long-term commitment to the Company.