KANSAI Automation rotary paddle level indicator

Rotary type level indicator

Monitoring the level of solids in tanks or silos is essential in the system of manufacturing plants. Therefore, it should be monitored continuously and regularly. One of the most effective solutions for businesses is to use the rotary type level indicator of Kansai Automation.

what is rotary type level indicator ?

Kansai rotary type level indicator is a product with high sensitivity, accurate and reliable measuring level. This is a simple operation device, without complicated adjustments. In addition, easy-maintenance products help maintain a stable working condition.

Classification of the rotary type level indicator

Rotary type level indicator

Image depicting 4 types of common rotary type level indicator

There are 4 types of rotary type level indicator:

  • NM series level indicator: A standard type, for small and medium hoppers.
  • FL series level indicator:  a specialized type that meets the explosion-proof standards.
  • NL series level indicator: Standard for small and medium hoppers.
  • LS series level indicator: A compact design suitable for use in small tanks, bins, silos, etc.


Rotary type level indicator

The rotary level indicator is easy to install and use

  • Automatically shut down the engine power when the contact impacts
  • Easy to install and use
  • Available in a range of temperatures, heavy loads
  • The clutch mechanism prevents damage to the gears
  • Enclosure: IP55

Operation principle

When the rotary type level indicator is active, the rotor will be rotated continuously by a motor.

When the material is added to the tank, if the material is full, it will impact on the rotor, causing the rotor to stop rotating.

At this time, the sensor will send a signal to an On-Off Relay. Materials will not be added to the tank again.

After that, when the material of the tank is used with it, the paddle is no longer affected by the material and will continue to rotate again.

Rotary type level indicator

Simple operation principle

Swing type level indicator

Rotary type level indicator


Rotary type level indicators are used in industries such as: plastics, synthetic fibers, fertilizers, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cement, construction materials, animal feed factories, etc.

Hao Phuong provides the rotary type level indicator

Hao Phuong is currently the official importer of Kansai rotary type level switch in Vietnam.

This is a product line of Japanese origin, prestige, quality and safety.

In addition, this is also user-friendly and cost-effective device for businesses.

In particular, Hao Phuong applies a 12-month warranty for the rotary type level indicator.

If your company is looking for a  solution for controlling materials in silos and tanks, why don’t you come to Hao Phuong?

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