IoT solutions and solar power in the aquaculture industry

IoT solutions and solar power in the aquaculture industry

Under the rapid development of technology and science and technology, solar power (solar energy) today is no stranger to us. Vietnam is among the countries that receive the most sunlight of the year on the map of the world’s solar radiation. Therefore, Vietnam has huge potential for solar energy.

Solar power has outstanding advantages such as: saving on electricity costs, protecting the environment, long life … Currently, solar energy is being encouraged to use.

The potential for solar energy in Vietnam

  • As one of the countries that received an enormous amount of sunlight every year on the solar radiation map of the world.
  • The coast is longer than 3,000km
  • Thousands of households live but many places cannot access electricity.

Therefore, using solar energy as a local energy source to replace traditional forms of energy. At the same time meet the needs of residential areas. This has implications in terms of economy and national security.

Vietnam is a region with relatively large and stable annual solar radiation. Specifically:

IoT solutions and solar power in the aquaculture industry

IoT solutions and solar power in the aquaculture industry

Mode of operation of solar power that applied for customers by Hao Phuong

IoT solutions and solar power in the aquaculture industry


  • High efficiency when installed in the West region. This is the region with the second largest number of sunny hours in the country, after Ninh Thuan (Source: Nasa).
  • Operation is simple and very friendly to the environment.
  • Do not use batteries, so no need to pay for maintenance.
  • The Optimal Solution is not only technical, power quality but also cost optimization.

IoT solution combined with Solar energy in aquaculture in Vietnam

Monitoring of environmental parameters is now essential in many areas. Specifically: cultivation, fisheries, livestock, cold storage monitoring, waste, industrial emissions …

The application of Internet of Things technology will help monitor environmental parameters anytime, anywhere. Only through a smartphone , it will help:

  • Warning when the environmental parameters are outside the permissible limits.
  • Detect abnormal developments and take timely measures to minimize risks.
  • Limiting the impact from the environment to the production.
  • Provides scientific database for production.

IoT solutions and solar power in the aquaculture industry

True to the judgment of technology companies, the trend of connecting things (Internet of Things – IoT) is present in almost all aspects of life. Unexpectedly, shrimp farming is a pioneer in the application of IoT.

When the new technology is applied, sensors such as water temperature, pH and oxygen sensors will be placed directly in the pond. The changes of the above values will be recorded by sensors, the data will be transmitted to the information stations. Then, by wireless connection, data is transferred to the server for analysis. Through mobile devices or computers with software installed, farmers can:

  • Monitoring nursery pond water quality 24/24.
  • Adjust the operating or condensing aeration system.
  • Directly to the shrimp pond to track, …

Besides, this system combines solar panels to absorb heat-generating electricity.

IoT solutions and solar power in the aquaculture industry


  • The system can move on the surface of a pond because it is placed on a buoy. Also combine the use of solar energy to reduce operating costs.
  • Monitoring pond water quality Online 24/24 via Internet. Application on smart phones, tablets, personal computers.
  • Use Wireless wave.
  • Monitoring of water parameters and automatic control through sensors installed via software or App on Smart Phone.
  • Support remote device control, increase convenience.

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