Introducing solid-state level sensors and indicators from Kansai Automation (Japan)

Kansai Automation solid-state level sensor and indicator
HPC introduced the solid-state level sensor and indicator of Kansai Automation

Hao Phuong would like to introduce some informations about products of solid level sensor and indicator (Tilt switch) TC-1, TC-3 series for customers to have more useful information about the device of Kansai Automation (Japan).

This is a level sensor and indicator line for heavy materials, with following features:

+ Simple structure, switching, contacting materials when inclined.

+ Solid aluminum body, anti-corrosion

+ Height can be measured depending on the hanging point

+ Kansai products are designed and manufactured in Japan. Light weight, stable operation and high reliability.

The product is designed specifically for the level indicating of large-sized solids such as coal, sand, gravel, ore, cement, … using level reports in tanks, silos, tanks, level alarms bamboo shoots.

Technical specifications:

Specification/Model TC-3 TC-1
Weight About 1.3Kg
(Aluminum casting)
About 11Kg
Output Contact SPDT x 1 SPDT x 1
Contact Capacity 250VAC 10A 250VAC 10A
Temperature -10~+80oC
(No condersation / no freezing)
(No condensation / no freezing)
Conduit Connection 3/8″
(with gland)
​(with gland)
Conformable Cable 3/8 inch three-core cable 1/4 ich two-core cable
Sensing-paddle fitting NPT 1/2 NPT 1
Enclosure Rating IP-56 IP-56

KANSAI AUTOMATION manufacturer of level sensors and indicators from Japan. Nearly 50 years of establishment and development, Kansai level sensing and indicating devices have been becoming popular in many parts of the world and received very positive reviews from users.