Introducing IDEC’s New Product: SX5E Series 8-Port Ethernet Switch

Introducing IDEC's New Product: SX5E Series 8-Port Ethernet Switch

A switch is an important switching device in the network, capable of creating a virtual connection path between two devices without affecting other connections. Today, this device is more widely used than ever with the necessary support in the industry. Quickly grasping that development trend, IDEC has launched the “SX5E series 8-port Ethernet switch” after a period of research, improvement, and integration of new convenient features.

Brief introduction of the product

Since IDEC launched the 5-port Ethernet switch in 2017, the product has received high praise from leading experts in the field, thanks to its excellent stability, superior durability, ability to The ambient temperature resistance is suitable for almost any industrial application in extreme environmental conditions up to 75 degrees Celsius.

Currently, Ethernet switches are increasingly widely used in industry. So, in response to the growing market trend, IDEC decided to expand its Ethernet switch and launch a brand new Ethernet switch – the SX5E Series 8-Port Ethernet Switch with outstanding features. .


Rated input voltage 24V DC, 24V AC
Operating voltage 12-48V DC, 18-30V AC
Power Consumption 4.1W
Ethernet Compatible IEEE802.3u (100BASE-TX) /IEEE802.3i (10BASE-T)
Data transfer rate 10Mbps/100Mbps
Communication method Fully automatic
Number of ports 8 port
Frame Transfer Method Store and Forward
Throughput 1.2Mpps
Address table 2048 entries
Buffer size 4Mbits
Anti-vibrating 5Hz to 9Hz: 3.5mm, 9Hz to 150Hz: 2.0G (IEC60068-2-6)
Anti-shock 150m/s2 11ms (IEC60068-2-27)
Operating temperature –40 to +75°C
Operating Humidity 5 to 95% RH
Storage temperature –40 to +85°C
Mounting DIN rail/panel mounting (*1)
Protection leve  IP30
Weight approx. 250g

EMS stands for Electro-Magnetic Susceptibility: The ability of equipment to function properly when affected by electromagnetic interference, also known as electromagnetic immunity.

EMI stands for Electro-Magnetic Interference, which is electromagnetic emissions caused by equipment, affecting the operation of other devices in the surrounding environment, also known as electromagnetic interference.

For example, you can easily see the effect of electromagnetic interference on network cables when the signal is flickering or the connection is temporarily lost.


– QoS function: Allows the Ethernet switch to automatically identify and prioritize Ethernet/IP packets. Make sure the communication speed is always maintained stable.

– IGMP Snooping function: IGMP snooping helps to accurately identify multicast groups – Groups of computers or devices with the same network traffic, to forward packets to the right device in the network.

Where: IGMP snooping is a method that network switches use to define groups of multicasts, helping groups of computers or devices receive the same network traffic. And allows switches to forward packets to the correct devices in their network.

In more detail, Internet group management protocol (IGMP) is a protocol that allows several devices to share an IP address so that they can all receive the same data. Networked devices use IGMP to join and leave multicast groups, and each multicast group shares an IP address. However, most network switches cannot see which devices have joined the multicast group, because they do not deal with network layer protocols. IGMP snooping is one way around this: Because the device allows switches to “snoop” on all IGMP messages, even though they technically belong to a different layer of the OSI model. IGMP snooping is not a feature of the IGMP protocol, but an adaptation built into some network switches.

Rugged design suitable for many applications.

Features of the SX5E Series 8-Port Ethernet Switch

– Excellent environmental resistance: “Robust metal housing”, “-40°C to +75°C operating environment”, “IP30”.

– Built-in redundant input source: If either power source has a faulty connection, the backup input source will be connected instead, ensuring that the uptime of the ethernet switch is not affected.

– Advanced storm protection: This feature emits electromagnetic waves, helping to prevent the network from shutting down in the event of a network wire fault.

– QoS function automatically identifies EtherNet/IP packets and performs priority control to stabilize communication speed.

With the IGMP function, multicast packets will be delivered to the correct terminals. This feature is ideal for high capacity data transfer applications.


Switch is an important switching device in the network, used to connect network segments together. They play a central role, connecting all other devices to form mixed links, for the purpose of transferring data.

Introducing IDEC's New Product: SX5E Series 8-Port Ethernet Switch

From the main router, we can split up many more ports to connect more devices together. Simply from 1 port of the main router, we can connect to any port of the switch with 7 Lan ports, to use for many different purposes.

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