Introducing Fuji Electric inverter at 2018 VIMF exhibition

biến tần Fuji Electric

Fuji Electric inverter is a very famous and the oldest inverter in Japan, started to appear on the market since 1980s. Fuji Electric is a pioneer in the field of IGBT technology development in Japan.

Popular Fuji Electric inverters:

Frenic-Mini Series: a product line with a compact design, global compatibility. For small capacity applications such as conveyors, fans, pumps, food processing machines.

Frenic-Eco series: Widely used in circulating water pumping systems in industrial plants, domestic water supply systems in buildings, hotels, offices ….

In addition to saving most of the power for the system, it also helps to reduce the investment costs of extending the life of the system.

Frenic-AQUA series: the first thin-type inverter series dedicated to Fe water supply and wastewater treatment systems.

The product is fully integrated with the best functions for applications in the water industry, water treatment, irrigation …

Frenic-HVAC series: a line of thin and long inverters used specifically for fan and pump applications, energy efficient operation, easy to operate and use.

Inverter used in industry.

Frenic-ACE Series: The new inverter series with many attractive features, outstanding competitiveness, easy to use and has global compatibility.

The product can meet most industrial applications.

Frenic-Mega Series: Is the successor of the predecessor product line (G11S series).

This is a line of high-end and core inverters to meet the work demands and improve working efficiency.

Frenic-eHVAC Series:This is one of the latest generation of Fe series inverters, the product is designed based on Japanese standards, suitable for use in buildings, works requiring HVAC solutions.

Typical features of the inverter.

Typical features of the inverter:

+ Fuji Electric inverters are manufactured on modern Japanese production lines, meeting almost all AC motor control applications.

+ Wide power range

+ Easy maintenance

The above are some of Fuji Electric’s main products displayed at VIMF exhibition 2018.

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