Internal Communication Team – The factor that keeps the soul of the Hao Phuong brand

Internal Communication Team - The factor that keeps the soul of the Hao Phuong brand

“It will be a huge shortcoming when there is no internal communication team, a team holding the mission to help spread Hao Phuong’s brand name”.

Why do I say that? Because internal communication not only helps connect employees with employees, links between the Board of Directors and all employees, but this department also helps spread the good values ​​and bring trade. Hao Phuong’s brand is more known through the relationships of all employees when performing good communication.

We can understand that: Internal communication is the part that reinforces the company’s vision, values ​​, and culture for employees so that employees can continue to spread it internally and externally. outside.

An overview of the internal communication team

If we say the business is a body, then internal communication is like a blood vessel. Internal communication is essentially an intermediary that helps the company deliver necessary content and messages to employees at the right time, where content is the vision, mission, and core values; with the goal of shaping, tightening, and spreading the company culture.

Internal communication acts as a catalyst to help connect the employees in the company, effectively connect the Board of Directors with all employees, help everyone stay united and close to each other, thereby helping the company to grow more and more, creating a united and strong group.

Internal communication helps the company brand spread quickly to everyone and to customers. When the internal communication team did an excellent job, and when employees are connected, that is, all information that the department needs to transmit will quickly spread, everyone will also receive information quickly and positively. At the same time, through their own relationships, all employees will also help the company to spread such information strongly to everyone and to customers.

In fact, the internal communication is very important in businesses. Good internal communicating will attract employees and motivate and motivate employees to work more focused,…. However, there are still companies out there that still underestimate or neglect internal communication. But they do exist, and as a result, their businesses can suffer significant losses.

Thus, internal communication plays a very important role in promoting and developing brands in companies, being a soul-keeping factor for the brand, helping to bring the brand’s influence on everyone, and assert the company prestige in their hearts.

Functions of the internal communication team

– Being responsible for managing and communicating through internal communication channels such as Email, bulletin board, SMS, Facebook, … Internal communication team will regularly update the latest information on events, meeting schedules, company policies, … and posted on the board to inform everyone.

– Take on and participate in organizing domestic events such as Members’ birthdays in the month, minigames, Christmas, Year-end, volunteer … These all work to connect all members in the company together, creating strong solidarity => A big culture for Hao Phuong.

– Manage the circulation of publications within the company. That is all documents, catalogs, … about companies or products, … for business activities.

– Drafting internal communication notices and articles in the company.

– Ensuring information transmission throughout departments, to help each employee understand all the messages of the management board and vice versa.

– …

Internal Communication Team - The factor that keeps the soul of the Hao Phuong brand

Publication circulation and company member birthdays are the main functions of the internal communication team

A little thought of the person in charge of “Internal Communication.

It is very difficult when I have to write myself about the position that I am taking on! Writing it all down seems quite rhetoric, but without writing it down, no one knows what I am doing and what it means. Because, the jobs that I do are often very few people care and focus, but honestly speaking when necessary and relevant, they are the key to a process. You look at the title and content above => Most of you already know and imagine the work that I have been doing right? At the same time, that is also all the meanings from the message that Hao Phuong and I want to send to everyone.

And I do not know whether it is due to the nature of the job or is it due to some other factor that I always work with associated with a single thought and want to tell everyone, that is: If receiving more attention from employees, it is more fun for Hao Phuong and the “Internal Communication” team. Because the care, support, and sharing, … of all employees in Hao Phuong will mean a lot:

– For me, an employee of “Internal Communication” – that is the only motivation, creating more confidence so that I can complete all assigned tasks well.

– For Hao Phuong – it is the company’s success in connecting members, strongly spreading great values ​​to everyone and customers. And that is the driving force, the goal for the company to maintain activities that create sustainable development.

Still a familiar saying: Every profession has its own difficulty. Therefore, Hao Phuong and I hope that all family members always take a little time to actively participate in the company’s internal activities. Not only contributing to creating beauty in the company’s culture, helping the company to grow more and more, but also helping myself have more fun, be entertained after stressful working hours. The internal communications department has more motivation to get things done well.

Think together!