Interesting things about Braking Unit

Braking Unit is a device used to protect the inverter in the case of emergency stop the motor or continuous switching applications with large inertia. Use the Braking unit to ensure the safety of the inverter, as well as to protect motor devices from being affected by electrical problems. Let’s find out more about Braking units in the article below!

What is a braking unit?

Braking Unit is an intermediate device connecting the inverter and discharge resistor. They are used to convert renewable energy during the deceleration of an engine into heat.

Why use the Braking Unit?

During the operation of the engine, if you have to decelerate quickly, switch on or off, or continuously disconnecting the loads with large inertia, the motor will generate a voltage returned to the DC Bus, causing DC voltage to rise. If this energy persists without being consumed, they will go back and break the DC bus, causing IGBT explosion, charging …

=> Therefore, in motor applications that need fast deceleration time or need to switch on and off continuously, large inertia is required to use the Braking Unit to ensure the safety of the inverter.

The working principle of Braking Unit

Braking Unit is an intermediate device between the inverter and discharge resistor.

During the inverter control the motor, if the motor has to decelerate rapidly, or repeatedly switch on and off large loads, the motor will generate a reverse voltage, return it to the DC bus, and be loaded. capacitor, causing Udc to rise abruptly.

=> If Udc exceeds the allowed Braking Unit will open the valve so that all excess Udc energy is discharged through the discharge resistor and is consumed as heat energy to ensure safety for the inverter.

Interesting things about Braking Unit

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