Integrity – The core quality that creates the Hao Phuong brand

Integrity – The core quality that creates the Hao Phuong brand

From the first steps, Hao Phuong has clearly identified 5 core values that create success in the development of the company and put integrity at the heart of the 5 core values “Integrity – Prestige – Responsibility – Creatiivty – Trust”. And integrity must always be best promoted by each individual in Hao Phuong through all business activities and at the workplace.

Value to businesses when putting integrity in business and at the establishment

Integrity is like a solid foundation that builds success and accelerates business growth. A business that puts integrity at the core will build a reputation, show responsibility to customers and employees, help bring practical values ​​to the business such as:

The word prestige is strengthened

In the business world in particular or in everyday life stories in general, reputation is life and death. Specifically, partners, customers or employees all have the right to know what the business will do with the money and value they have spent. Therefore, acting on the basis of integrity builds great trust, and the business itself benefits from those relationships.

Moreover, the integrity in working style will help “advertise” indirectly and spread the reputation of the business faster than any marketing strategy.

Receive enthusiasm from employees

A study at Adelphi University has shown that employees’ perception of integrity in management’s behavior is directly proportional to job satisfaction, activeness as well as health and personal life. private property.

Therefore, if businesses want to successfully complete the goal of building a strong force and staff, the prerequisite is to put integrity as the core.

Sustainable business development

In the marketplace, no matter how lucky a business is, competition is inevitable. This causes leaders, who have probably had to struggle many times on their own, whether to trade a little virtue to get the sweet fruit right in front of them.

The reason is said to be because, regardless of the business field, businesses will sometimes face the opportunity to choose a shortcut to solve the problem by behaving with a lack of integrity and vice versa. Especially before the inevitable requirements of society in digital transformation or speeding up and optimizing, the shortcut is sometimes the only way.

However, true business people always understand that successfully developing a career, business requires perseverance and long-term efforts. Therefore, the righteous behavior will help businesses take slow and steady steps and progress towards the mission of a whole team instead of “collecting firewood for 3 years to burn 1 hour”.

Develop company culture in a positive direction

Building and implementing a good internal integrity culture means that businesses are creating opportunities for their employees to make right and appropriate job decisions. The more integrity is spread, the stronger the trust is.

Integrity will bring great benefits to the community, especially in the process of teamwork, helping to reduce unnecessary disputes. In fact, most large-scale and successful businesses around the world value integrity in their business models.

=> It is no coincidence that many leading enterprises in many fields have put integrity in their core philosophy and standardize their conduct inside and outside the company. There is no specific data on whether the integrity of an enterprise is directly proportional to the size and value of tangible and intangible assets.

==> But one thing is for sure, if any business really pursues and demonstrates more integrity, it will also reap many “sweet fruits”.

Hao Phuong – An enterprise that puts integrity at the core of its business and workplace

With more than 16 years of establishment and development, thanks to building the company image in accordance with the core values ​​from the beginning: Integrity – Prestige – Responsibility – Creativity – Belief, Hao Phuong has increasingly affirmed. leading position in the field of distribution of industrial electrical and automation products of brands: Fuji Electric, Idec, Kansai, Circutor, … and also an integrator of industrial automation systems in Vietnam with important mission “Pioneer to solve challenges in the era of Industry 4.0”.

Integrity for Hao Phuong is showing commitment, honesty and opinion to protect the right in behavior and in all activities of the company such as: Transaction, product supply, consulting, support service support, domestic policy, benefits, … with customers and employees.

Integrity – The core quality that creates the Hao Phuong brand

Integrity is placed as the first core value of each individual in Hao Phuong, from the senior leadership to each generation of officials and employees. Because Hao Phuong understands that only integrity, honesty, and reason can help the company confidently build service reputation and sustainable values of a collective.

This is also the key to success, helping Hao Phuong create a solid defense in corporate culture. Thereby, bringing the most practical values of products and services, to domestic and foreign partners and customers, with professionalism, dedication, integrity, commitment to quality, and leading prestige in the world. Vietnam market.