Instructions for selecting Kansai Automation sensor suitable for tank/silo.

Choosing the right product helps users save all costs. But it is also necessary to select the right specifications to function properly with the function of the product. This article will help you choose the Kansai Automation sensor with a nozzle suitable for tank/silo.

Kansai Automation

Under the leadership of Norio Miyasaka, Kansai Automation specializes in manufacturing level alarms for liquids and solids. 50 years of construction and development, Kansai level alarm devices have been used and appreciated by users worldwide.

Hao Phuong is proud to be the leading distributor of quality sensors in Vietnam for the past 10 years. Kansai Automation products are always the choice of all domestic and foreign customers. Not only does the quality and versatility of the sensor bring satisfaction to customers.

Instructions for selecting sensors for tanks or silos

Sensor/silo sensors are usually mounted on tanks/silos. The selection of sensors with nozzles suitable for the height of the tank/silo is very important. If there is an incorrect selection of specifications or improper installation, the sensor will not be able to function properly. Below, Hao Phuong helps you choose the best sensor for tank/silo.

Capacitance type-level switch

Báo mức loại điện dung

The sensor remains active due to excess material clinging to the electrode even when the tank is empty. We intrude the earth probe more than 10mm into the tank to fix this problem.

Vibrating Rod

Báo mức loại điện dung 1

For the vibration rod, the sensor continues to operate while there is still material because the sensor bar remains in the nozzle. We need to extend the extension tube and install the sensor bar into the tank.

The small type float switch

Báo mức loại điện dung 2

When a moving float is stuck into the wall of the tank due to a long nozzle. To fix this problem effectively, we need to change the location of the Boss – long so that it does not touch the nozzle.

Wire type level indicator

In the winding-up position located inside the nozzle, the weight is stuck in the nozzle when the wire moves up and down. The winding-up position should be reset to the height of the stand in the tank.

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