Inovance Inverter – The secret weapon for the industrial fan system

Inovance Inverter - The secret weapon for the industrial fan system

Inovance inverter is currently the No.1 inverter brand in China and Southeast Asia market. Thanks to the focused production and careful investment, nowadays, Inovance inverters have increasingly proved themselves to be the No. 1 choice that helps to effectively control the engine speed in the industrial fan system.

5 benefits are only available when using the inverter

1 – Inverters help to adjust the speed of the motor to change as desired

The inverter is a device used to change and adjust the speed of 3-phase AC motor, by changing the frequency of 3-phase alternating current. Thus, the inverter helps users to perform simple operations and help the system change the rotation speed of the motor in a flexible and effective manner.

It is the ability to self-adjust the frequency that makes this device always the top choice for businesses in automation.

2 – Inverters help reduce power consumption

With the scientific structure and smart operating principle. The inverter is considered the best solution to reduce power loss in the industry – automation today. Specifically, this device uses power semiconductor components manufactured by modern technology, so the conversion efficiency of the inverter is very high. Accordingly, energy consumption is approximately equal to the required energy of the system.

Especially in the case of production technology that requires adjusting the flow, pressure in the pump motor or blower according to the load level suitable for different times, the use of an inverter to adjust the speed automatically is the most appropriate, especially power-saving.

3 – Enjoy intelligent and flexible features when using the inverter

An additional benefit of the inverter is that users enjoy the smart, flexible features such as automatic motor identification, remote control, the process of starting and stopping the engine very smoothly. Should extend the service life of the engine.

Thanks to the advancement of microprocessor technology and semiconductor technology, nowadays, the pulse switching frequency can reach up to the high-frequency range to reduce engine noise and reduce losses on a motor iron core.

4 – Inverters help to control system operations and machine operating parameters

For inverters, the system can be connected to a central computer. Thus, from the control center, the operator can see the operation of the system and operating parameters (rotation, pressure …), working status as well as allowing diagnosis, adjustment, and handle unintended incidents such as phase error, phase loss …

5 – Inverters help to increase working efficiency, reduce the load of machine damage

With the advanced and modern control system, the inverter always brings a sense of safety, convenience, and high performance, but less maintenance. This outstanding benefit helps users save costs as well as human resources to operate machinery.

With benefits hard to find in other products, inverters are increasingly bringing practical benefits to businesses and becoming more and more familiar as an indispensable option.

Inovance inverter application solution helps to effectively control the motor speed in industrial fan systems

Inovance inverter is currently the No.1 inverter brand in China and Southeast Asia market. Currently, in Vietnam, Inovance inverters are still considered a new product line that is gradually entering the market.

Inovance inverters are versatile and easy to use and effective for controlling the motor speed in applications. They are applied to many different fields such as industrial fans, incense making machine, conveyor control, piston-type vacuum pumps, textile machines, water pumps – pressurization functions, machine manufacturing, paper machines, wire drawing machines, food machines, …

6 fascinating reasons why you should choose Inovance inverter to use for your industrial fan system

If you are looking for a specialized, versatile, easy-to-use and effective inverter for controlling the motor speed in your industrial fan system, Inovance inverter is the best choice for you.

1 – Inovance inverter is a production line with careful investment, the product testing system before being put into use is extremely strict, ensuring durability as well as large load capacity.

2 – User-friendly design, easy to install, and install.

3 – Meet all types of industrial applications.

4 – High durability.

5 – Safe for users.

6 – Extremely competitive price.

What are the advantages of Inovance inverter over the same segment of the inverter?

– Can be controlled remotely by Keypad.

– High durability and safety.

  • Increasing resistance to moisture, dust pollution.
  • Can operate in high ambient temperatures of 45 ° C.
  • The built-in EMC Filter reduces harmonic interference.
  • Withstand large overload factors: 150% in 60s, 180% in 3s.
  • Compliant with standards: EN61800-3 Category C2 2nd Environment.

– Easy to set up and install.

– There is software for backing up data on the computer.

– Multi-motor control

Control multiple motors at the same time in V / F mode.

Control up to 4 motors at a time in SVC Mode.

Inovance inverter distribution unit in Vietnam

Hao Phuong is a distributor and system integrator in the field of electricity – automation in Vietnam with over 15 years of experience. Hao Phuong is confident to bring modern technology solutions to help customers save maximum operating costs of machinery, improve productivity in the process of operation.

With a team of highly specialized technical staff trained directly from the factory, Hao Phuong ensures to meet all the needs of repair and warranty of customers. Especially, for the convenience of customers, Hao Phuong also has support services at the construction site.

Types of Inovance inverters that Hao Phuong is distributing include:

– Inovance MD200 inverter: Application for small power machine tools that use 1P 220V electricity.

– Inovance MD290 inverters: Meet for almost all industrial applications such as pumps, fans, horizontal loads, heavy loads, …

– Inovance MD500 inverters: High-quality inverter series for applications requiring quality as well as special features such as industrial lifting loads, large-capacity machine tools, …

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(Discount 42% – Warranty 24 months – 1 for 1 exchange policy for inverters under 5KW)


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