Industrial robot – A vaccine that contributes to herd immunity

Industrial robot – A vaccine that contributes to herd immunity

Industrial Robot – A type of Vaccine which is not created from the biomedical industry, but a new concept, another definition for industrial robots. We see these machines are contributing to the creation of herd immunity and above all contributing to solving the crisis of shortage of personnel in the context of the current epidemic.

Why are industrial robots called vaccines in the current epidemic situation?

There are no statistics or reports, stating a specific number to confirm that factories applying automation will have fewer losses than factories using labor. But at least in the current context, factories applying automation can still maintain production activities (if they can ensure supply chain factors, create green zones in factories, …) and contribute to immunity right at the plant.

=> Industrial robots are now not only replacing arduous, repetitive tasks, but also a vaccine, a drug that helps businesses strengthen the immune system against diseases.

We will not compare the use of cheap labor with the investment cost for automation anymore, but we should reconsider in which stage automation is applied? Which solution is suitable for the factory’s production process? Or how do technology and application companies in Vietnam receive the world’s technology? How are human resources trained to apply and operate technology?

Hao Phuong – The unit that develops industrial robot applications, helping businesses achieve herd immunity

Since 2017, Hao Phuong Company has established a research and development (R&D) team to develop robotic applications into production. The goal is to master technology and apply it to practice. Until now, Hao Phuong has mastered the technology with the main products serving the bag packaging industry, including 1-layer bags, 2-layer bags (Robot OMBA), palletizing goods (Robot Palletizing). …

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In addition to the main equipment that must be imported, the rest from the following stages: Design, manufacture, and precision machining, manufacture auxiliary structures, repeat drivers, install and operate technology transfer, etc. More than 80% is domestic production, greatly reducing import costs, transportation costs, and hiring experts.

With the mastery of technology, Hao Phuong is confident that it will completely meet the expectations of domestic enterprises, meet the needs of innovation and improve technology in production, and help businesses do not need to worry about issues such as:

– Labor and labor management.

– Risks of staff shortages, risks of occupational accidents, and risks of social distancing.

– Initial investment costs.

– Maintenance costs, etc.

Thereby, Hao Phuong brings businesses 2 solutions:

  1. Application of industrial robots in production: This solution is simply a new investment in automation solutions, but it is implemented by domestic enterprises.
  2. The solution to hire robots instead of workers: This solution is completely new and Hao Phuong is the pioneer to implement this solution. Hao Phuong is willing to invest the initial cost and let businesses re-rent the application at a cost equivalent to the cost of hiring labor.

Industrial robot – A vaccine that contributes to herd immunity

PET bottle Packing solution – Robot Palletizing application designed by Hao Phuong. The system will replace 12 loading and unloading workers, operating 24/7.

Industrial robot – A vaccine that contributes to herd immunity

Integrated solution Automatic bagging machine OMBA – Stacking bags on pallets designed by Hao Phuong. Replace 48 unskilled workers, operate 24/7

The global outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has prompted businesses to consider and consider the development of technology in the future, especially the application of industrial robots in the production process to limit the contact between people.

With more than 16 years of experience, and the spirit of constant learning, research, and creativity of a team of experienced engineers. Hao Phuong confidently brings to businesses and factories a model of the modern industrial robot system, with quality, productivity, and stable operation.