Improve the conveyor performance with the Frenic Mini inverter

Improve the conveyor performance with the Frenic Mini inverter

The conveyor is a simple application, It does not require high level engineering. Therefore, for the conveyor system to operate smoothly and stably, the assistance of the inverter is required. Currently, Frenic Mini inverters are an inverter series with a full range of features, compact design, simple operation, and ready to meet all requirements in conveyors.

Why should you use Frenic Mini inverters in conveyors?

If you are looking for a compact inverter that does not require too many techniques but is capable of high efficiency, the Frenic Mini inverter is the most appropriate choice for you.

– Simple operating equipment and connectors, improving the performance of basic machines including conveyors, fans, pumps, food processing machines, etc.

– Space- saving. With compact advantages, it does not take up much space in the electrical cabinet, meets many needs.

– PID control function helps to automatically save the most optimal energy.

– The product can connect to external devices such as computers, keypads, … via the RS-485 communication port


Frequency output 0.1 – 400Hz
Capacity range 0.1 – 15kW
Starting torque >= 150%
Overload capability 150% – 1 minute, 200% – 0.5 second
Control Multistep speed – 8 steps
Energy-saving and PID control function
Built-in RS-485 communication port
Synchronous motor control function (PMSM)
Connected to the external display via RS-485 port

Features of the Frenic Mini inverter

Multi ideal functions, suitable for different applications

  • Multistep settings (8 steps): A variety of frequency setting methods can be selected to be compatible with your machine or equipment. The setting can be done by keypad (potentiometer), analog input (4 to 20mA, 0 to + 10V, 0 to 5V, 1 to 5V).
  • The maximum output frequency can be set up to 400Hz: The inverter can be used for machines requiring high motor speed such as centrifugal separators.
  • Signaling when overloaded through the indicator light.
  • 2 points can be set for non-linear V / f: You can set 1 point for non-linear V / f if you want and so V / f can be adjusted to suit the application.

Compact design, the ventilation part is designed at the bottom of the inverter

  • It is possible to install multiple units adjacent to each other without having to worry about the effect of heat dissipation, which helps to reduce usage space.

Simple operation

  • On the inverter surface, there is a potentiometer to control the rheostat: It makes it easy to change the frequency manually.
  • All information will be displayed on the keypad, including Output frequency, set frequency, load axis speed, output current, output voltage, alarm history, input power.
  • Detachable control circuit.

Flexible customization

  • Code copy function: It is possible to copy the code via the remote keyboard control panel, then installs it on many other inverters quickly.
  • Built-in software installed on the computer: Easier to manipulate the installation on the computer, based on Windows software.
  • Easy mounting on DIN rail (35mm wide).
  • Remote control: Remote operation is easily performed using the RS-485 communication card.

Global compatibility

  • Frenic Mini inverters meet European standards: EC Directives (CE making), TUV; North America, Canada: UL standard (cUL certification).

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