Discontinuance of IDEC Φ 22, 25, 30 contact blocks and accessories .

IDEC thông báo

Dear Customer.

Hao Phuong would like to thank you for always accompanying and supporting us

We would like to update the latest information from IDEC about stopping the production of Φ 22, 25, 30  contact blocks and accessories.

With the launch of products with even more superior features, IDEC will stop producing contacts and accessories of HW, TW, TWE φ22, TWS φ25 and φ30.

ra mắt các sản phẩm tính năng vượt trội

Products that will be stopped producing start with code:

Products Product code
Contact blocks BST
Dummy blocks BST-D
Barriers HW-VL1
Full Voltage adapters TW-DA1B


Order suspension date: 31 May 2018 (or sooner depend on IDEC stockpile situation)

Thank you very much.

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