IDEC Starter Kits

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IDEC’s Starter Kits include a HMI and a PLC. In which HMI (Human – Machine – Interface) is a bridge device, intermediating communication between people and machines through a display. PLC (Programmable logic controller) is a programming control device used to implement logic control algorithms through a programming language.

Complete Control Packages (Combined HMI and PLC Starter Kits)

Want to test new ideas and build machines using the most up-to-date automation and control products on the market? Ready to upgrade your current system? Each Starter Kits includes an HMI with your choice of 4.6” to 12.1” LCD screen.

Also included is a MicroSmart FC6A PLC, a PS5R-V power supply, programming cables and the Automation Organizer software suite. All the tools you need at a very special price. As a bonus, not only do you get the hardware and software, but you also get total access to free technical support and free software upgrades. Just buy a package and you’re ready to go!



HMI Starter Kits

  • 4.3”, 5.7”, 8.4”, 10.4” and 12.1” touchscreens
  • 65,536 color TFT LCD
  • Video and audio interface (8.4” to 12.1” models only)
  • Remote access, monitor and control
  • FTP client/server and email functions

IDEC HMIs bring performance to a whole new level with advanced features and capabilities. These programmable touchscreens can be used to remotely access, monitor and control from anywhere using your PC, tablet or Smart Phone. In addition, the 8.4” to 12.1” models come with built-in video input and audio in/out. This can be used for video monitoring or recording machine conditions on the plant floor, playing movie files to give detailed instructions and tutorials, or to show an operation manual.

HMI Starter Kits

HMI Starter Kits

HMI+PLC and SmartRelay Starter Kits


The perfect combination of PLC processing and HMI monitoring and control, the compact 3.8-inch SmartAXIS Touch is an all-in-one touchscreen interface and logic controller. Perfect for small systems that require a graphical user interface along with versatile I/O controls, this HMI+PLC unit optimizes efficiency and productivity by providing the same functionality as a separate PLC and HMI system, at an affordable price.

  • 8” HMI+PLC
  • 12 or 14 I/O models
  • Embedded RJ45 Ethernet port
  • Modbus TCP or RTU
  • Two built-in analog inputs
  • Two built-in analog outputs (14 I/O)
  • PID Controls (14 I/O)
  • USB Maintenance Port
  • -20 to 55 degree C operating temperatures
  • IP66f, NEMA 4X (indoor) & 13

HMI and PLC 2



  • Liquid Level Controls
  • Valves and Pumps Control
  • Solar Traffic Lights
  • Relay/Timer replacements

Proving reliable time after time, these intelligent logic modules are the ideal controller for simple automation tasks. A sixth-generation of SmartRelays offer functions to give you even more flexibility and convenience. Advances include a maximum of 60 I/O, built-in Ethernet, micro SD interface, extended memory, a brighter display with higher LCD contrast, improved analog and high-speed inputs, an external text display and upgraded programming software.

Smart Relay


MicroSmart FC6A All-in-One

  • Embedded Ethernet port
  • Modbus TCP and RTU
  • Maximum 520 digital/126 analog I/O
  • Data logging
  • Large program & data memory
  • Embedded SD memory port
  • Embedded RS232C/RS485 user selectable
  • Web Server functions

The power of a PAC in a micro PLC. With an adaptive design and a multitude of built-in features, new MicroSmart FC6A PLCs offer unmatched performance, quick and easy WindLDR programming, 640KB of program memory and super-fast processing times ideal for demanding control applications.

PLC MicroSmart FC6A all-in-one

PLC MicroSmart FC6A all-in-one

Unique to this class of PLCs, you can also create custom web pages configured for remote monitoring and control simply by using drag-and-drop functionality. No HTML programming required!

MicroSmart FC6A Plus PLC and FT1A Controler Starter Kits

MicroSmart FC6A + PLC

  • Dual Ethernet Ports
  • iOS & Android App
  • Bluetooth Communication
  • Embedded SD memory port
  • Modbus TCP and RTU
  • Maximum 2,060 digital I/O
  • Maximum 511 analog I/O
  • Data Logging
  • Web Server Functions
  • 800KB programming memory

The next generation IDEC MicroSmart FC6A Plus PLC stretches performance beyond micro PLC limits! With its 2,060 I/O capacity, this PLC can control large machines or entire small-scale manufacturing facilities, providing more capabilities for even the most demanding applications.

MicroSmart FC6A + PLC

MicroSmart FC6A + PLC

FT1A Controllers

A choice of 12, 24, 40 and 48 I/O SmartAXIS controllers provide users with unique features and advanced functions for applications requiring limited I/O.