IDEC launches new replacement for Terminal block BTB / BTBH

IDEC launches new replacement for Terminal block BTB / BTBH

Terminal block series BTB / BTBH will be discontinued and the new terminal block series BTBH – *** H will be marketed by IDEC in August 2021.

Dear customers, partners!

Hao Phuong sincerely thanks customers/partners for always accompanying, caring, trusting, and supporting the products and services provided by Hao Phuong.

To facilitate ordering as well as better understand the new change of IDEC, Hao Phuong would like to send to customers and partners the following specific information:

Information on discontinued product lines

Product discontinued Rated current Terminal screw Product number
BTB15C①, BTBH15C① 16A M3 58
BTB15LC①, BTBH15LC① 21A M3.5 58
BTB30C①, BTBH30C① 40A M4 58
BTB50C②, BTBH50C② 70A M5 38

①: Number of poles (2 to 30) * According to JIS C 2811.

②: Number of poles (2 to 20)

Alternative products

– New product launch time:

New terminal blocks BTBH – *** H will be put on the market in August 2021.

– Features of the new terminal block product:

  1. New terminal block BTBH – *** H will have standard IP20 safety contacts.
  2. The external model will be slightly different from the current BTB/BTBH terminal blocks.

However, the size of the new terminal block BTBH – *** H (without cover) will be the same as the current terminal block (with cover). Other specifications remain unchanged.

Revealing new replacement products of Terminal block touch – down type

See also the attached list of IDEC, with the information in turn from left to right are:

  • Rated current and terminal screw according to JIS C 2811
  • Pole number
  • Terminal products are discontinued of the self-lifting type
  • Terminal products are discontinued touch-down type
  • Proposal to replace touch-down terminal


Details change

Dimensions and models (Example: 16A, M3 screw, 3-pole type)

Details of before and after changes of Terminal block BTB / BTBH

– Terminal cover will not come with new Terminal block BTBH – *** H.

– The new Terminal block has a big change at the 34mm part, with a more modern and convenient design.