IDEC breaks through the market with a set of 5 new smart products

IDEC breaks through the market with a set of 5 new smart products

IDEC continues to bring to the market 5 new products: KW2D Smart RFID Reader; SX5E 8-port Ethernet switch; Safety Commander HT3P; PS3V metal shell switching power supply; Smart, convenient, versatile SA1P mobile sensor, with many outstanding advantages and benefits, promises to bring great experiences to consumers, especially, to contribute to the modernization of industrial fields such as Industrial robots, AGVs, building automation systems, machine tools, food processing machines, etc.

Set of 5 new smart products from IDEC

Smart RFID Reader KW2D

  • Small size, saving installation space.
  • Can be mounted in an φ22 mm hole.
  • Oil resistant and can be mounted to metal panels that reach IP65/IP67.
  • Equipped with 3 color LEDs that are easy to see from the side.
  • Easily connect to other devices via optional communication ports Modbus TCP, Ethernet IP / CC-Link IE FB.

8-Port Ethernet Switch SX5E

  • Good performance in ambient temperatures from -40°C to +75°C.
  • Built-in redundant input sources, besides the two main sources.
  • Advanced storm protection.
  • The QoS function automatically identifies EtherNet/IP packets and performs priority control to stabilize the communication speed.
  • With the IGMP function, multicast packets will be delivered to the required terminals.

Safety Commander HT3P

  • Equipped with a convenient USB charging port.
  • IP54 premium protection.
  • Meet ISO 10218-1: 2011 – 5.8 in the field of industrial robots.
  • Anti-collision feature, anti-drop from a height of 1.2m.
  • Built-in safety lock.

Metal Shell Switching Power Supply PS3V

  • Ability to operate in ambient temperatures from -25°C to +75°C.
  • Standard DIN rail mounting bracket available.
  • The ability to adjust output voltage is ±10%
  • Can be easily connected in series or parallel to the circuit.
  • Good overcurrent and overvoltage protection.
  • Meets most international standards.

Mobile Sensor SA1P

  • Small in size, easy to carry with a portable battery connection that can power 24V DC devices anywhere.
  • Convenient in use, as the sensor and indicator drive can be tested on the spot or on the workbench without having to connect to an outlet or control panel.

Hao Phuong – Importer and distributor of IDEC electrical equipment in Vietnam

IDEC – A famous global brand, established and developed in Japan for a long time (more than 70 years now). In 2006, Hao Phuong was trusted by IDEC and selected to become “the official distributor of IDEC brand in Vietnam”, opening a relationship of cooperation and sustainable development between the two sides as well as a commitment to accompany the company. in building credibility, responsibility, and trust with customers.

Over 15 years of cooperation, IDEC products distributed by Hao Phuong have been widely accepted and trusted by customers in key industrial parks across the country. With full human resources, professional knowledge, practical experience,… Hao Phuong confidently meets all the needs of customers and commits to:

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  • The best installation, warranty, and maintenance service in the market.
  • Ready to advise, support, and answer customer questions 24/7.
  • Diversified after-sales policy, helping customers feel secure when using.

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