IDEC announced on changing in product specifications for CW, HW and EB3P series

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To provide customers with the latest information about IDEC products that we offer. Hao Phuong would like to update IDEC’s announcement as follows:

1. Change the color of buttons including CW, HW, EP3P lines

CW series: 

Dòng CW

HW series

Dòng HW

 EP3P series:

Dòng EP3P

Colour codes: R (red), G (green), and A (amber), Y (yellow), S (blue), PW (pure white)2.

2. Change the shape of all selected switches and key selected switch CW series.

công tắc chọn và công tắc chọn có khóa dòng CW

3. Change the shape of all buttons of HW1R series

nút nhấn dòng HW1R

See details of the notice below


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• Time for ordering: from October 15, 2019

Hao Phuong Company would like to inform customers to know and arrange for the deployment of upcoming orders.