HPC’s August news summary

HPC's August news summary

September has come and gone, filled with golden autumn and love. Just like last August, at Hao Phuong, meaningful activities, demonstrating the collective spirit and strength of solidarity, together to open up the “new normal” has been actively promoted. Please take a moment to review the series of events, news, and activities in the HPC’s August news summary

News, outstanding activities of Hao Phuong in August

Hao Phuong implements the epidemic season promotion program “Online shopping, direct offers”

Hao Phuong sincerely thanks customers and partners for always accompanying, caring, trusting, and supporting Hao Phuong’s products in the past time. Hao Phuong will continue to update the latest promotions and activities at the website and media platforms below. Please join and follow these information pages, to update the news and activities in the near future of Hao Phuong!

Hao Phuong promotes collective strength in 3T activities to open the “new normal” state

Currently, the fourth wave of the Covid-19 epidemic is developing very complicatedly. Facing this epidemic situation, Hao Phuong has proactively implemented 3T activities (3 on the spot: on-site production – on-site eating – on-site rest) and coordinated with the Ministry of Health to enhance rapid testing. Covid-19 on the morning of July 16.

Hao Phuong promotes collective strength in 3T activities to open the "new normal" stateHao Phuong spreads the spirit of “Think together” to support the epidemic season

“Think together” is the spirit built and promoted by Hao Phuong from the first steps. In the context of the constantly complicated epidemic, Hao Phuong has spread this meaningful spirit to support the epidemic season, by raising the Support Fund “Together with Hao Phuong to spread the love” with a total amount of up to 31,000,000 VND.

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Fuji Electric cargo arrive at Hao Phuong warehouse, ensuring price stability in September

On August 29, 2021, a series of products of the Fuji Electric brand were carefully packed and shipped to Hao Phuong. After more than 15 years of sustainable cooperation with Fuji Electric, Hao Phuong always brings genuine products, quality and most reasonable prices, ensuring price stability in the market at all times, even during complex evolution of the disease.

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Fuji Electric cargo are delivered to Hao Phuong's warehouse


Some other news, activities in August of Hao Phuong

Project News August 2021

Industrial robot – A vaccine that contributes to herd immunity

Industrial robots are now not only replacing heavy, repetitive tasks, but also a vaccine, a drug that helps businesses strengthen the immune system against diseases.

Industrial robot – A vaccine that contributes to herd immunity

Hao Phuong’s journey to implement industrial robot projects from 2019 to 2021

Hao Phuong has continuously contributed to the animal feed industry – One of the most active areas in Vietnam, with the completion and delivery of modern industrial robot solutions to the production plant. Together with Hao Phuong, look back on the journey of implementing 4 industrial robot projects from 2019 to 2021.

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Other posts by Hao Phuong in August

News from brands that Hao Phuong is a distributor for

Fuji Electric develops XS series IGBT device

Fuji Electric’s XS series IGBT is a solution to reduce power consumption (switching loss) that occurs during switching when current flows through the circuit, contributing to energy savings for products.

Legrand aims for gender equality with the 2020 statistical index up to 91/100 points

On Monday, March 1, 2021, Legrand released its 2020 gender equality index, with a score of 91/100 – the same score achieved in 2019. This makes Legrand a more reliable partner for customers around the world.

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Product news, knowledge news in August

Take a look at 10 suitable electrical equipment in the crane and tower crane electrical cabinet system

Cranes, tower cranes are widely used in construction projects such as high-rise buildings, industrial plants, large complexes, bridges, hydroelectric power plants, etc. To ensure the application of stable performance. For certain decisions, the selection of control devices and switchgear for crane electrical cabinets and tower cranes is very important.

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Take a look at 10 suitable electrical equipment in the crane and tower crane electrical cabinet system

Difference between using inverter and not using inverter in applications

Industrial inverters are the solution to the problem of optimizing motor performance of applications, with many practical benefits such as: The motor speed can be freely changed, the motor starts and stops smoothly, minimizes power supply capacity, meet almost any application,…

Energy savings in HVAC systems with Frenic HVAC

A complete HVAC system will include many components to form such as pump, fan, ventilation system, and most importantly, a control device that is like the brain of the system, including Inverters, sensors, PLC, monitor, temperature control, … In which, the inverter plays an important role in ensuring operational efficiency and saving energy in HVAC applications.

Catalog library , product price list

Hao Phuong’s complete catalog and price list of industrial electrical equipment are regularly updated to help customers more conveniently when choosing suitable equipment and products. In particular, customers can quickly download all necessary documents for free.

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