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Giải bóng đá mở rộng Hạo Phương 2017

Hao Phuong 2017 Football League, everything is ready.

Only a few hours left until the 2017 Hao Phuong Football League officially kicked off at Phu Long Football Field. Currently, players and fans...
tiệc sinh nhật tháng 4

Hao Phuong organizes birthday parties for employees in June

To reschedule, this June, Hao Phuong is busy celebrating a birthday for the staff. This is one of Hao Phuong's regular activities to encourage...

2016 Year-end party of Hao Phuong Co., Ltd

In the evening of January 22, 2017, at Hao Phuong Co., Ltd., the 2016 Year End Party program took place in a joyful and...
Hạo Phương tổ chức lễ giáng sinh 2017

What did Hao Phuong do at Christmas?

Another Christmas season came in the joyful and warm atmosphere of the Hao Phuong members! Instead of returning home after hours of hard work or...
Tiệc mừng giáng sinh 2017

Christmas party

What's special in December??? It is the busiest month not only for businesses but also for everyone who is struggling to earn a living. December, the...
Hạo Phương du lịch nghỉ dưỡng tại Vinpearl Phú Quốc

Hao Phuong 2016 vacation at Phu Quoc Vinpearl resort

According to the annual practice, Hao Phuong organizes a vacation for all officers and employees This is an opportunity for staff members to have relaxing...
Sinh nhật các thành viên tháng 7, ảnh 1Chúc mừng sinh nhật các thành viên tháng 7

Happy birthday of members in July – Hao Phuong family

Goodbye June with enough ups and downs, welcoming July with abundance. Hao Phuong offers 12 hearts from July the best wishes! "Memorable moment" Compared to eternity,...
Hạo Phương trong chuyến du lịch

Video: Hao Phuong – Active summer

let's watch the video of recorded the joyful-warm memories of Hao Phuong's family during the last trip!
Hạo Phương du lịch nghỉ mát tại Resort Pandanus Phan Thiết, ảnh 14

Hao Phuong – a fun and exciting vacation

On the recent National Day holiday, the board of directors and all employees of Hao Phuong Co., Ltd. had a "3 days 2 nights"...
du lịch nghỉ mát thường niên

Hao Phuong’s annual vacation program

Hao Phuong is always aware of the importance of human resources for survival and development. In particular, the annual holiday and tourism program is...

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