How to use the inverter?

Inverters are increasingly widely used in life and especially in industrial production such as control cranes, elevators, industrial fans … to save electricity, increase engine efficiency, improve age. machinery life. So how to use to ensure the longest and most secure life?

Benefits when using the inverter

– High performance of the machine.
– The process of starting and stopping the engine is smooth, making the engine and mechanical parts life longer and more stable.
– Safety, convenience and maintenance are also less, thereby reducing the number of workers serving and operating industrial equipment.
– Saving power during startup as well as operation.
– Fast payback period for engines running below design capacity.

Note when using the inverter

– The temperature in the control room where the Inverter is located should be maintained at 22ºC
– Room for inverter must be dry, no corrosive or dust.
– Inverter cabinets must be capable of good ventilation or ventilation fans.
– Do not arbitrarily connect or change parameters that the company’s engineers have set up.
– Do not touch the machine while it is operating due to the inverter’s heat sink when the motor is operating up to 800ºC.
– Do not touch the on-board components of the inverter.
– Do not let metal substances fall into the boards.
– Disconnect power before proceeding with maintenance.
– When the power is disconnected, the power is still stored in the DC capacitor with high voltage, it needs to wait 15 minutes for the capacitor to discharge the stored energy, bringing the capacitor to a safe threshold before reuse.
– Grounding for the drive avoids electrical leakage
– Periodical maintenance up to 2 years / time.
– The installation and maintenance of the inverter is relatively complicated, so using a team of experts and engineers with specialization and experience.

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Specific application of inverter

– Controlling asynchronous motors with capacities from 15 to over 600 kW at different speeds.
– Adjust the flow of pump, air flow in centrifugal fan, machine productivity, yield, conveyor.
– Stable flow, pressure at a fixed level on water pumping systems, blowers, air compressors … even if demand changes.
– Controlling the start and stop process of the motor correctly on the conveyor system.
– Small power inverter from 0.18 to 14 kW can be used to control working machines such as wood sawing, mixing, stirring, lifting …