How to use inverters in industry

The inverter is an indispensable device in the industry. So how to use inverter? Let’s find out the answers in the following article.

Let’s recall the concept of inverter

The inverter is a device that changes the electrical current frequency placed on the coil inside the motor. Through this device, it can control the motor speed steplessly, without using mechanical gearboxes. Inverters often use semiconductor devices to close the motor windings sequentially, thereby producing a rotating magnetic field that rotates the rotor.

The most important difference of the inverter is that you can adjust the motor speed steplessly, automatically identify the motor that has the function of network control. You can set up 16-speed levels according to the intended use. Smooth start-up process. High mechanical strength durability. Using inverter helps to minimize the cost of installing maintenance.

The demand for using the inverter in Vietnam in recent years is developing very strongly. Not only factories, new manufacturing companies use inverters, but now even small businesses or conditional business owners use an inverter. The benefit it brings is huge compared to the initial investment cost.

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How to use inverter safely, saving electricity, improving life expectancy

In order for the inverter to operate stably, less technical errors or failures, you must know how to use the inverter safely, achieve the highest life expectancy. Here are some things to keep in mind when using the inverter.


The temperature of the place where the inverters are set should remain stable at 22 ºC. Note to avoid putting the inverter in a place where the temperature is too high or too low. If so, it will affect the operating life of the inverter.

Inverter installing place

The inverter should be placed in a dry, cool place, avoid dust and dirt. Do not allow the drive to come into contact with chemicals that cause corrosion.

Cleaning the ventilation system

Inside the inverter cabinet has a ventilation fan. This fan helps to cool the internal motor. In order for the inverter to work properly, you need to clean the ventilation fan regularly.

When you need to change the specifications of the inverter

Ideally, you should not arbitrarily change the specifications that the company has set up. In cases where this is required, contact the supplier, warranty to know how to do it properly, to avoid damaging the device.

User Manual

Each of the inverters has a detailed guide on how to set and use. Please read this document carefully to know how to operate each type of inverter correctly.

Safety issues

Absolutely do not touch the inverter when the system is operating to avoid harming yourself.

What to do before maintaining the inverter?

Before proceeding to disassemble the inverter for maintenance, you need to disconnect the power source to avoid the risk of electric shock.

Avoid electric leakage

To avoid electrical leakage, when installing the inverter you should connect the ground to the device.

Period of regular maintenance

Periodically maintain the inverter for 1-2 years depending on the type and capacity of the inverter design.

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Inverter maintenance

Note when maintaining the inverter

The installation and maintenance of the inverter need experienced and professional technicians.

Hopefully, the article has provided you with useful information to help you use the drive more efficiently. Don’t forget to read the next interesting articles.

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