Happy birthday to Hao Phuong members in July 2021

Happy birthday to Hao Phuong members in July 2021

Goodbye loving June, hello July with a spirit of enthusiasm and effort. In particular, during the current complicated epidemic, let’s join Hao Phuong to protect ourselves and promote the “Technology Gene” in the “New Normal” state, by complying with the directive of the Prime Minister, regularly implement the 5K Measures of the Ministry of Health. And let’s send meaningful birthday wishes to members with birthdays in July 2021!

Happy birthday members July 2021

July – Sunflower season blooms in the summer sun

Every July, the sunflower gardens are dyed bright yellow like a warm baby sun. The special feature of this flower is that, no matter what direction it is planted, the flower will still face the sun, where the bright sunlight shines. The sunflower season is also a sign that autumn has arrived, it is not as clear and passionate as the scent of milk flowers. But it is enough to feel that the sun is very soft, the sound of ticks has also lessened.

As a traditional beauty, every month, Hao Phuong always sends the company’s members the most practical birthday wishes and gifts, helping to increase the camaraderie, showing special attention from the side. Leadership for the spiritual life of all officers and employees.

Hao Phuong wishes the members a happy birthday in July 2021

July is cool and fresh, perhaps because of that, people born in this month often bring a pleasant feeling to everyone around. They have an open heart, are warm, always lively and have a great sense of humour. Therefore, in life, they are always full of their own beliefs, hopes and ideals.

It’s fun and happy because Hao Phuong has such enthusiastic and hard-working members. On this occasion, Hao Phuong would like to send best wishes to the members whose birthday is in July – The generations that continue and promote Hao Phuong’s “technology gene”. Wishing all of our associates a very happy and meaningful birthday. Besides, wish each member’s plans and wishes come true soon!

Happy birthday to Hao Phuong members in July 2021

Happy birthday to Hao Phuong members in July 2021

Happy birthday members in July 2021

In particular, Hao Phuong hopes that the members will always keep that “enthusiastic heart” during their journey like sunflowers, constantly striving to reach for the warm sunlight. And let’s join Hao Phuong, continue to strive, promote the spirit of “Technology Gene” in the “New Normal” state, to continue to reap the best results in the future.