Hao Phuong welcomed C.P Viet Nam livestock joint stock company – Ben Tre Branch

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Hạo Phương tiếp đón đoàn công ty cổ phần chăn nuôi C.P Việt Nam, CN Bến Tre

Recently, Hao Phuong Company was honored to welcome the delegation of C.P Livestock Joint Stock Company Ben Tre branch to visit and evaluate the company’s capacity. Leading the group, Mr. Sumet Detsopha – Director of Ben Tre Aquaculture Production and Trading Branch.

Hao Phuong was honored to welcome the visitors.

Welcome the delegation including General Director Nguyen Tat Duong and leaders of Hao Phuong Company. Here, the leaders of Hao Phuong had a meeting with the delegation of C.P livestock joint stock companies.

At the meeting, the company had some short discussions about the future development orientation to create a premise for the connection and cooperation of Hao Phuong with C.P livestock joint stock company in the coming time.

Also in the meeting, the board of directors invited the delegation to visit the actual company Hao Phuong and share the products and services that Hao Phuong provided.

Thereby affirming Hao Phuong’s position in the field of the industry – automation.

Hao Phuong led the delegation to visit the departments and warehouses

Visit Hao Phuong’s warehouse containing thousands of products from the big brands that the company is distributing.

Satisfy a plentiful supply of goods to meet the needs of domestic and foreign customers.

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Warehouse area

The meeting took place in a lively atmosphere, opening the delegation to visit the project room and see the plan to deploy the company’s projects.

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Visiting the project room

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Accounting department

C.P Animal livestock Joint Stock Company visits the business department, Marketing department and CS room

Hao Phuong led the group of C.P companies to visit the company’s workshop area.

At the same time, by providing millions of equipment for the industry, the workshop had attracted the attention and appreciation of the delegation.

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The meeting ended successfully, the delegation highly appreciated the working process as well as the business areas Hao Phuong is operating and trusting about Hao Phuong’s development.

Representatives of both sides have many promises for sustainable cooperation and development in the future.