Hao Phuong & the plan to expand the storage area in 2018

kho chứa hàng thiết bị điện hạo phương

On July 12, 2018, a large 850m2 vacant plot located next to Hao Phuong company has been officially started to build a new warehouse.

1 – Begin construction of a new warehouse

The original Hao Phuong warehouse area is 350m2 wide. Years later, along with the continuous development of the company, the warehouse was not enough to meet the increasing demand of goods in proportion to customers in 2017, the storage area was raised to 700m2.

Up to now, the company’s warehouse system has been exploited at full capacity and often not enough to meet the increasing demand of customers. This proves the boom of Hao Phuong company.

kho chứa hàng thiết bị điện

The piece of vacant land next to the company

Therefore, Hao Phuong decided to expand the warehouse area with a floor area of 850m2 (excluding floors).

In order to improve the quality of product storage service, to meet the increasing market demand. This is one of the important strategies that the Board of Directors has planned in 2018.

Mr. Phuoc is doing groundbreaking ceremony before starting construction

It is expected that the warehouse will be completed and put into operation in October 2018.

2 – Some information about the new warehouse of Hao Phuong company

The warehouse management line is more specialized with the most advanced management software available today, using barcode systems in checking and importing goods to help the management and coordination of goods in the warehouse become accurate. fast, saving time and human resources to the maximum.

The warehouse is divided into many separate floors, each floor is a different category of goods such as equipment, accessories, switchgear, automatic equipment, … in addition to some storage areas reserved for the projects, warehouses reserved for customers ordered, …