Hao Phuong – The official distributor of Inovance in Vietnam

Hao Phuong - The official distributor of Inovance in Vietnam

About Inovance

Inovance is China’s largest inverter manufacturer and brand, established in 2003. With a large distribution system and export in many countries around the world, Inovance inverter has been widely applied. for many years thanks to the special features: Versatility, high durability, energy saving, competitive price.

Inovance products that Hao Phuong distributes:

Currently, Inovance has good quality inverters such as MD200, MD290, MD500. These inverter series meet most of the international standards, issued by Europe – Germany – USA.

Inovance MD200 inverter: Applications for small power tools using power 1P 220V.

Inovance MD290 inverter: Meet for almost all industrial applications such as pumps, fans, horizontal loads, heavy loads, ..

– Inovance MD500 inverter: High-quality inverter series, meeting quality for applications requiring quality as well as special features such as industrial lifting loads, large-capacity machine tools, …

Hao Phuong – The official distributor of Inovance in Vietnam

With 15 years of experience in the distribution of industrial electrical equipment and automation, Hao Phuong confidently brings to the market the best quality products at the most reasonable prices. Up to now, Hao Phuong Company has officially become a distributor of Inovance equipment in Vietnam.

If you have a need to purchase or cooperate sustainably with us, please contact us immediately on HOTLINE: 1800 6547 or online chat (right corner of the screen). Hao Phuong is always ready to support our customers quickly!

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