Hao Phuong supplies electrical panel system for Sen Sok mall project – Cambodia

Feature image Sen Sok mall project

Hao Phuong is honored to become a supplier and contructor of electrical panel system for Sen Sok commercial center building. The project is being rushed to deploy to hand over the project to customers.

Some information about the Sen Sok shopping center

Sen Sok Mall is a large trading center located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. . This project is in the construction stage of completion. Sen Sok Mall serves the needs of Sensok District residents in particular and Phnom Penh in general. There is a supermarket, fitness center, cinema, dining area, children’s playground, food, famous fashion stores. There are also many other types of entertainment.

The perspective of the Sen Sok Mall

The perspective of the Sen Sok Mall

There will be a parking lot for 400 cars and 400 other motorbikes. According to the announcement, the construction of the commercial center is expected to be completed by 2020.

Hao Phuong honored to become a supplier and installation of electrical switchboards for Sen Sok trade center.

In this project, Hao Phuong will install and supply over 130 electrical panels. Which includes 5 MDB (5000A and 1600A); synchronous cabinet; capacitor cabinets; ATS and DB. The project is expected to be completed and handed over to customers in early 2020.

A quality electrical cabinet is completed from the whole process of hard work and diligence of a team. It is the process of understanding customer requirements, drawing up, completing each stage of production and assembly, quality control … Hao Phuong’s electrical cabinets contain both enthusiasm and responsibility of the employees. cabinets. Our only wish is to bring the best products to our customers.

Some pictures of electrical cabinet installation process for Sen Sok Mall project

Sen Sok mall 1 Sen Sok mall 2 Sen Sok mall 3

The equipment items for the project of installing electrical panels for Sen Sok mall are being urgently completed by Hao Phuong Company.

Each project or construction is an opportunity for Hao Phuong to perfect its capabilities. We are always confident to be a reliable companion of our customers and partners in the process of building and developing businesses.

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