Hao Phuong supplied electrical panels for Hoya factory in Laos

Feature image Hoya

Hao Phuong is completing the final stages of the project to supply electrical panels to the Hoya factory in Laos. This is one of the company’s major projects in 2019.

About Hoya factory

Hoya factory is located in Xaysettha Complex Economic Zone, Vientiane, Laos. This is the hard drive factory of Japan’s Hoya Group.

Hoya Corporation is a Japanese corporation specializing in the manufacture of optical products and glass memory disks. In addition, its products also include contact lenses, eyeglasses with wave technology for the healthcare market, medical photons, lasers, image filters and software. Hoya Corporation is also the parent company of the famous camera maker Pentax.

Hao Phuong supplies electrical panel to Hoya factory

In this project, Hao Phuong provides customers with a large number of electrical panels (more than 100 cabinets). This is considered one of the biggest projects of the company in 2019. The number of specific product categories is as follows:

  • Main Distribution Board 6000A (MDB): 03 pcs
  • Main Distribution Board 4000A (MDB): 11 pcs
  • Distribution Board (DB)                    : 88 pcs

On the progress of this project, Hao Phuong Company has tested the factory, baled and delivered 14 MDBs to customers as required. The number of remaining cabinets will be completed and delivered to the Hoya factory by the end of December.

Some pictures of 14 MDBs have been baled and handed over

Hoya 4 Hoya 2 Hoya 3 Hoya 1

Each project or construction is an opportunity for Hao Phuong to perfect its capabilities. We are always confident to be a reliable companion of our customers and partners in the process of building and developing businesses.