Hao Phuong provided an integrated solution for electrical systems for Japfa Comfeed factory – Binh Thuan

Hao Phuong provided an integrated solution for electrical systems for Japfa Comfeed factory - Binh Thuan

About the Japfa corporation

Japfa Group was established in January 1971 in Indonesia, operating in the field of food production, the supply of breeders, processing products from beef cattle, dairy cows, aquaculture, and seafood processing. Up to now, the Japfa Group has members located in many countries such as India, Vietnam, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, China, Australia, Singapore, …

In Vietnam, Japfa is one of the top 3 companies in Vietnam operating in the food, agriculture, and livestock industries. Japfa Comfeed currently has 5 feed factories; along with a system of pig and chicken farms in many provinces across the country, following a closed poultry production and business model.

Hao Phuong successfully applied modern and professional solutions, … ensuring long-term effectiveness for future activities for the Japfa Comfeed Binh Thuan factory.

For the purpose of expanding production scale, in 2010 Japfa decided to start construction of Japfa Comfeed factory in Binh Thuan with an area of ​​up to 8 ha. With prestige and expertise in the field of system integration – automation, Hao Phuong accompanies Japfa Group in supplying, installing and integrating electrical systems of distribution cabinets, … construction.

In charge of the project, Hao Phuong immediately focuses on researching and applying each specific solution to all construction activities in a modern, professional, friendly, resource-friendly, product, … direction at the factory. Japfa Comfeed Binh Thuan. As a result, Hao Phuong successfully completed the project in a short time, ensuring both progress and quality, effectively serving the plant’s future activities.

Always put the quality of each project on top, always taking the sacred mission “Pioneering in solving the challenges in the era of Industry 4.0” as a guideline for every action, that’s all Hao Phuong aims to and complete in the most perfect way. Therefore, as a member of Hao Phuong, we need to be responsible for contributing day by day to the development of the company in particular and the general development of the country!