Hao Phuong provided an integrated solution for an efficient electricity system for the Greenfeed Binh Dinh factory

Hao Phuong provided an integrated solution for an efficient electricity system for the Greenfeed Binh Dinh factory

GreenFeed Vietnam Joint Stock Company was established in 2003, is one of the leading companies in the field of animal feed and breed. Greenfeed has a system of 9 modern factories in Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos equipped with production technology from the US and Europe, with a total capacity of over 2 million tons of products annually, meeting ISO 22,000 standard. HACCP, GLOBAL GAP, BAP and the whole system work professionally with the application of enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions.

GreenFeed always focuses on production and business in parallel with protecting the green – clean – beautiful environment, applying a modern, standardized production line, the current factory produces many types of feed for cattle and poultry with quality assurance and increasingly reputable in the market.

Hao Phuong brought greater value and efficiency to the operation of the Greenfeed factory

More than 8 years after Hao Phuong accompanied Greenfeed Group to successfully implement the GreenFeed factory project in supplying, integrating the electrical distribution system, and installing at the site. This is a factory-built on an area of ​​3.2 hectares, with modern production lines and technology imported from Europe, America, France, …

Hao Phuong is proud of its contribution to bringing many benefits to Greenfeed Group based on the efficiency and success of this factory. Because, when undertaking, Hao Phuong focuses on key solutions, highly effective decisions including consulting, designing, supplying, integrating electrical panel, building a reasonable power distribution system, consulting technical, and many other support services accompanying. In parallel with the above orientations, Hao Phuong continues to deploy and work with highly specialized experts and technical teams to constantly improve the solution, in order to bring higher value and efficiency to the home. Greenfeed machine.

It can be said that, to achieve today’s results is thanks to Hao Phuong always persistently realizing the ambition of “Bringing effective solutions related to electric integration” for customers/partners. This is a long journey that not all businesses can do, persevere to pursue. Through more than 15 years of operation, with the achievements, as well as the expansion in scale, Hao Phuong is highly appreciated by customers and partners for its efficiency and values ​​that the company has brought => The premise for Hao Phuong to firmly step on the mission “Pioneering in solving the challenges in the era of Industry 4.0”.