Hao Phuong prepares to participate in the 2019 VIMF exhibition

From June 12 to 14, Hao Phuong will participate in the 2019 VIMF (Vietnam Industry and manufacturing Fair) held at the Binh Duong Convention – Exhibition Center. Let’s look back at the preparation of Hao Phuong for participating in this exhibition in the following article.

Time and location of Hao Phuong’s booth

  • Time: from 12 – 14/06/2019, 9am – 5pm.
  • Venue: Binh Duong Conference – Exhibition Center
  • Location and perspective of Hao Phuong stall:

Location of Hao Phuong booth at VIMF exhibition 2019

Phối cảnh gian hàng Hạo Phương

The perspective of Hao Phuong’s booth

What products will be brought by Hao Phuong to the 2019 VIMF?

Equipment comes from major brands in the world

Fuji Electric, IDEC, Kansai Automation and Binmaster are major brands in the world’s industrial electricity sector. Come to the VIMF exhibition this year, Hao Phuong will introduce to customers the quality products from these firms.

Sản phẩm Fuji

Products of Fuji Electric

Sản phẩm IDEC

Products of IDEC

Sản phẩm Kansai

Products of Kansai Automation

Bin Master Smart Bob

Products of Binmaster

This year’s exhibition is an ideal opportunity for Hao Phuong Company to promote the best products, produced with the most advanced technology to domestic and foreign businesses.

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Robot solutions also appeared in this year’s exhibition

This year, Hao Phuong will also display robot solutions. These solutions are cherished by the company for a long time. These solutions include palletizing robot, automatic bagging robot and self-propelled vehicles (AGV). Hopefully, these robot solutions will receive attention. Since then Hao Phuong can best serve the needs of our customers.

Robot đóng mở bao

Automatic Bagging robot

Robot xếp bao lên pallet

Palletizing robot

Xe tự hành AGV

Self-propelled vehicles (AGV)

Customers and partners who want to learn more about Hao Phuong’s robot products and solutions are invited to our booth at the 2019 VIMF Exhibition. Hao Phuong booth promises to be an ideal destination for customers who are interested in the automation industry. We are confident to best serve your needs.