Hao Phuong prepares to introduce a new project package in 2019

On June 8, Hao Phuong will organize a program to introduce the new project package in 2019. The program will be held at the company’s headquarters.

This presentation is organized by the Project Department. Participants include all managers and staff of the Sales, CS and Marketing departments of Hao Phuong Company.

The purpose of the introduction of the solution package

There are 3 main purposes of an upcoming introduction, including:

The information in the introduction will help the department’s work to be carried out more smoothly in the future. Besides, everyone has the opportunity to meet and freely exchange. Since then contribute to creating a happy atmosphere outside working hours.

Content of the introduction

The presentation begins at 9 am and is expected to end at 12 pm on June 8. You can refer to information on the topics presented in the following program as below:

Leading the introduction is Project Director of Hao Phuong Company. Besides, there is the Head of the Project Department. Experienced speakers promise to bring more useful and practical information. This information will also serve well for everyone’s upcoming work. Since then the objectives set by the company can also be completed more quickly.

The Organizing Committee would like to welcome the members to attend the product package introduction held on June 8.