Hao Phuong organizes the second training course of “saving company resources”

Saving resources of the company

On November 22, 2019, at Hao Phuong, a training session with the theme “Saving resources of the company” will be held for representatives of departments of Hao Phuong Company. This is the second time Hao Phuong has organized this activity in the year.

The purposes:

Waste utilization of resources is the current situation of many businesses across the country. Seriously affect national resources.

In order to improve the spirit of economical use of resources of enterprises, Hao Phuong organizes training of saving resources for all employees.

Attending the training, Hao Phuong staff will enrich the useful knowledge. At the same time, better understand the rules for the use of existing resources. Thereby promoting the management, efficient use of resources, science and savings.


Topic: “Saving company resources”


Place: Hao Phuong JSC (Showroom)


Time: November 22, 2019 (Friday)


At 9:30 – 11:30 ‘(with breaks in between programs)


Participants: Hao Phuong staff (3 to 5 people for each dept)

Training content:

All staff will be trained on the following:

Power Saving & Elevator Instruction (Mr. Duc – Training and Maintenance Department)

Rules for using the photocopier; save paper usage & Phone usage rules (Mr. Hung – Training and Maintenance Department)

Saving water (Mrs. Tram training)

At the end of the class, Hao Phuong staff will be able to practice their own knowledge test. Hao Phuong hopes that after the lesson, all employees will understand this is the responsibility and duty of each employee. Thereby, propagandize, guide to colleagues and those around them.

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