Hao Phuong organizes an online training session with the topic “harmonic wave” in 2021 năm

Hao Phuong organizes an online training session with the topic

On the afternoon of June 14, Hao Phuong organized an online training on harmonics – One of the causes affecting the electrical system that technical, sales and maintenance staff need to know, in order to support and consult Customer support in the best way. Training activities have contributed to consolidating in-depth and useful knowledge about harmonics.

Online training on harmonics and related issues

Unlike previous training sessions, this training session was conducted in an online format due to the complicated developments of the Covid-19 epidemic situation. Online meeting, learning and training (Online) is no longer a new definition during the epidemic season. This is a form of supporting the learning and working process that is both safe and ensures good interaction between the main instructor and the attendees.

During the training session, Hao Phuong officials and employees were imparted more professional knowledge about the concept of harmonics, the causes of harmonics and solutions to limit harmonic interference in the power system, etc. In addition to the main information, participating officials and employees will also be able to answer all other related questions and questions.

Hao Phuong organizes an online training session with the topic "harmonic wave" in 2021 năm

Human resource training will be further promoted by Hao Phuong in the future

The training session was held in a serious atmosphere of learning, listening and exchanging enthusiastically and positively, helping to bring Hao Phuong officials and employees, the most useful and understandable information about the wave. comedy. In particular, the activity created conditions for Hao Phuong to understand more about effective harmonic reduction solutions for inverters, coming from Danfoss’ new standard innovations.

Hao Phuong always believes that “Human resources are the most valuable asset of an enterprise”. Therefore, training is a key stage, regularly organized by Hao Phuong, to build and develop a human resource, strong in professional knowledge, skills and practical experience. Thereby, ready to accompany customers and partners in solving new challenges and fulfilling the mission “Pioneer in solving challenges in the industrial age 4.0”.