Hao Phuong organized a writing competition with the topic Hao Phuong in me.

From April 8 to April 18, 2019, Hao Phuong Company organized a writing competition with the topic of  “Hao Phuong in me”. This competition is for employees who aim to improve the solidarity of the members of the company.

The subject is abundant and easy to exploit

“Hao Phuong in me” is the subject of this writing competition. Specifically:

+ participants can present their feelings about people in Hao Phuong in particular, or the working environment in the company in general

+ The achievements that Hao Phuong has been achieving are also a good topic to exploit.

+ The impression with the products that Hao Phuong is distributing.

Detailed content of the  “Hao Phuong in me” Writing Competition

The purpose of the competition

The competition helps improving the spirit of solidarity among members of the company. In addition, this is an opportunity for them to develop their creative abilities.

The organizers wish this competition will contribute to promoting the interest and creating emulation movement of employees for the general activities of Hao Phuong.

Award structure and summation of awards

Each article which in the right topic and qualified will receive VND 300,000. The organizers awarded prizes based on the number of articles, not based on the number of participants.

It means that the number of prize will depend on the number of article, and there are no limit for the number of articles. Therefore, the opportunity to win rewards is very easy to seize for everyone.

The list will be announced on April 23. Prizes will be awarded on April 25, 2019. Articles with prizes will be posted on the website www.haophuong.com. The organizers hope to receive a lot of quality articles for the contest to add meaning. May the competition going well !!