Hao Phuong organized a program to present a new robot solution for all employees

On the morning of December 12, at the Hao Phuong showroom, the presentation of the new robot solutions took place with the presence of the board of directors and a lot of officers and employees in the company. This is the first new robot solution in Vietnam researched and developed by Hao Phuong with the name: Robot Open mouth Bagging automation (OMBA).

Hao Phuong organized a presentation for the first automatic double-layer bag opening-closing robot in Vietnam

Hao Phuong organized a program to present a new robot solution for all employees

Leadership and many officers, employees were getting ready to participate in the program on 12/12

Joining this program, all officers and employees in Hao Phuong company not only get to learn the most details about the automatic double-layer bagging robot – OMBA  but here, everyone can also listen to the sharing, difficulties, and challenges that the leaders, the Robotics and R&D team have encountered during the research process to the completion of the solution.

With continuous efforts, exploration, and creativity in each stage of development:

  • 1 year for researching
  • 7 months to design and fabricate the machine
  • 6 months of installation at site and testing the machine

Hao Phuong organized a program to present a new robot solution for all employees

Everyone focused and attentively watched the presentation for the automatic double layer bagging robot – OMBA

Hao Phuong has overcome all obstacles and challenges to step by step progress to its mission of “Pioneering in solving the challenges in the era of Industry 4.0” and “Become a trustworthy and intellectual partner in the industry”. When successfully implementing the unique solution in Vietnam – Automatic 2-layer bagging robot OMBA for the million-dollar project Auto Packing at Biotic factory, Bau Xeo CP.

The presentation program of the new solution is the result of constant innovationg and learning

The presentation program of the new robot solution was exciting, attractive with many interesting shares, and a good ending, just like Hao Phuong’s success process, when implementing the OMBA system.

Through this program, Hao Phuong would like to acknowledge the great contributions of each individual, excellent staff and employees, and encourage creativity, continuous learning, in the work of each individual. , contribute to personal development, develop a collective spirit, to achieve the best effects.