Hao Phuong – On the path of international cooperation

hạo phương

In the past few years, foreign businesses from Spain, Thailand, Japan, and South Korea … have learned and paid attention to many areas of investment in Vietnam such as infrastructure, energy, financial services, information technology, technical consultancy, apparel, health, furniture and industrial machinery … In addition, the economic growth rate of Vietnam in the past few years is also very impressive, and it is a highlight for foreign businesses to decide to invest in the Vietnam market.

Seminar at Hao Phuong company

Particularly, industry groups are being paid more attention because Vietnam is gradually going to industrialization and modernization. Market development in industries is a key goal. And on June 25, the seminar between the representative of the Spanish Department of Trade and Investment and the ZIGOR Hong Kong executive director took place with the leadership of Hao Phuong Co., Ltd. The initial meeting showed a positive signal, Hao Phuong pledged to be a reliable partner in the field of the industry – automation. The seminar took place very well in friendship and cooperation.

Hao Phuong Co., Ltd always wants to promote the development of cooperation, further asserting its brand not only in the country and internationally. Thereby, Hao Phuong has partly created a reliable brand not only for domestic partners but also for international reach and stronger development in the future.