Hao Phuong launched the contest Awake your power – Awaken energy

Hao Phuong launched the contest Awake your power - Awaken energy

From October 6, 2021 to October 16, 2021, the contest “Awake your power – Awaken energy” was officially launched by Hao Phuong to all officers and employees in the company with attractive prizes. guide.

Information about the contest “Awake your power – Awaken energy”

In order to create solidarity activities within the collective and wish to spread more positive energy to the members, who are working at home, at the company, at the construction site, etc., after a series of preventive days against the Covid-19 pandemic. In particular, on the occasion of the celebration of October 20 – Vietnamese Women’s Day, Hao Phuong organized the contest “AWAKE YOUR POWER – AWAKE ENERGY”.

The contest promises to bring many impressive, new, unique and strange moments and images, elaborated from the creativity of a group or of different individuals in Hao Phuong. Hao Phuong believes that these will be unforgettable memories, adding joy and motivation to each member, as well as spreading the most positive things to colleagues in the company.


All officers and employees of Hao Phuong Company.

Application form

Contestants can freely create content, messages, and expressions as long as they suit the requirements and theme of the contest through videos of singing, dancing, acting, reading poetry, video images, … ( Note: BTC only accepts works in the form of Videos!)

Contents of works

Contestants will choose content based on the following two aspects, to demonstrate:

  • Spreading positive working energy: How is your work spirit expressed in the midst of the raging Covid-19 pandemic? Please share that positive spirit with everyone!
  • Topics related to Vietnamese Women’s Day October 20: Vietnamese Women’s Day is a celebration to honor enthusiastic, active women in society, work and life. Let’s connect these unique values ​​to create a work of your own!

How to join

After completing the work, members should send their works to email: info@haophuong.com (if the video is too heavy and cannot be emailed, members can upload the file to Google Drive and send the link. to the Organizing Committee) in the following manner:

Title: Register to participate in the contest “AWAKE YOUR POWER – AWAKE ENERGY”

  • Full name of collective or individual participating:
  • Performance name:
  • Meaning of the show:
  • Message to all staff (if any):
  • Contact phone number:
  • Department:

Competition implementation progress

– Launch of the contest: October 6, 2021

– Time to receive entries: October 6, 2021 – October 16, 2021

– Scoring time: October 18, 2021

– Time to announce results: October 20, 2021

– Time to award rewards: Within 01 week from the date of result announcement

Prize structure

After the time ends at 23:59, October 16, the entries sent to Email: info@haophuong.com within the specified time will be summarized by the Organizing Committee and sent to the Jury. score according to certain criteria.

The 5 best performances will be judged by the Organizing Committee and announced on October 20, along with attractive prizes:

– 1 First Prize with prize value: 1,000,000 VND

– 1 Second prize with prize value: 500,000 VND

– 1 Third Prize with prize value: 300,000 VND

– 2 Consolation prizes with prize value: 200,000 VND

With the hope of providing members with an attractive and meaningful playground, with extremely simple rules and valuable prizes, it is hoped that the contest “Awake your power – Awaken energy” will receive The positive response and enthusiastic participation of everyone!

If you have any questions about the program, please send an email to the address of the Organizing Committee: info@haophuong.com for further assistance and answers.

See you on the awarding day of the contest “AWAKE YOUR POWER – AWAKE POWER”!