Hao Phuong imported IDEC products – ensuring market stabilization at the end of the year

idec trử kho hàng hóa

In early December 2016, Hao Phuong proceeded to import products with a large amount of industrial electrical equipment accessories.

Grasping the need to use very large electrical equipment products at the end of the year; ensure a balance of supply and demand, stabilize the market. Hao Phuong actively imported goods in large quantities to distribute to the market; avoid supply shortage, out of stock.

The number of goods imported this time from the manufacturer IDEC – Japan with types such as indicator lights, buttons, intermediate relay, timer…

đèn báo nút nhấn relay trung gian timer, hình ảnh 1

After the inventorying, classification of quantity and quality. The number of goods is quickly distributed to Hao Phuong’s customers and agents.

kho hàng đèn báo nút nhấn relay trung gian timer

kho hàng idec đèn báo nút nhấn relay trung gian timer

tại kho hàng hóa đèn báo nút nhấn relay trung gian timer

Photos had taken in Hao Phuong warehouse

With many years of experience in the genuine distribution of electrical equipment, Hao Phuong is committed to bringing our customers safe, reputable, quality products and the most suitable prices in the market.

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Hao Phuong is currently an importer and distributor of industrial electrical equipment with major brands in the world such as IDEC, FUJI ELECTRIC, TOGI, KANSAI, NICHIFU, CIRCUTOR, HONEYWELL, TAIWAN METTERS, Bin Master, …at the same time, Hao Phuong was also the leading industrial system integrator in Vietnam.