Hao Phuong implemented the “Integration Training Program” for employees.

In last April, Hao Phuong implemented the “integration training program” for all employees of the company. This training was held at all 3 offices: Binh Duong headquarter, Hanoi branch and Cambodia branch.

The purpose of the “Integration Training Program” for employees

Integration training sessions are held regularly to help new staff to grasp Hao Phuong’s information and regulations quickly and accurately. Since then, new employees can easily adapt to the working environment at Hao Phuong and work more effectively.

Hao Phuong’s integration training content has just been changed and added many details. So this training is organized for both new employees and former employees of the company.Đứng lớp hà nội

Mr. Nguyen Quang Dieu – Head of Administration – HR Department of the company was teaching in an integration training session

Đào tạo hộp nhập hà nội

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some pics from the training session at Ha Noi Branch

Training schedule
The integration training sessions in April were held at all 3 offices: Binh Duong Headquarter, Hanoi branch and Cambodia branch. Depending on the job characteristics, the staff can register the schedule accordingly.

Each training session has a duration of 90 minutes, in the morning or afternoon. These sessions are organized according to the specified time frames. Specifically, the head office in Binh Duong is from April 22 to April 29. Hanoi Branch on April 16 and 17. Cambodia Branch on April 9 and 10. In addition, the company also organized integration training for construction workers in Ben Tre on April 18 and 19.Đào tạo hội nhập tại bình dương

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A session of the ” intergration training program ” at the headquarter in Binh Duong

The content of the integration training program this time
The training sessions will review through many important issues related to Hao Phuong. Include the name and company logo meaning; history of formation and development; organizational structure … Besides regulations, culture and company policies.

New employees need to approach and remember this information soon. To get used to how to work at the company quickly. At the same time, old employees need to review. The purpose is to update the changes and comply with the regulations set by the company.

Đào tạo hội nhập cambodia

Cambodia branch also organized integration training for employees

At the end of each sessions, each employee must take a short multiple choice test. The purpose of this test is to help reviewing the information learned during the lesson.

The desire of the board of directors through the integration training activities
The board of directors wants employees in the company to take a look at the house they are dedicating in accordance with the slogan “Think together”. Hao Phuong is a collective. Where people think and act together for common ideals and purposes. Each employee will also receive achievements worthy of his/her contributions.

Therefore, in order for everyone to look in the same direction, first of all, all officials and employees of the company must think together. That is also the main purpose of the integration training sessions that the company has been organizing.

Integration training sessions are an important activity at Hao Phuong. They will be organized regularly and periodically in the future.