Hao Phuong Family celebrates members’ birthday in November

mừng sinh nhật thành viên tháng 11/2018

So the birthday party is coming again, 15:00 on November 23, everyone in the showroom is fully present to attend the birthday party members this month.

The members were born in November

sinh nhật các thành viên hạo phương tháng 11/2018

The party takes place in a warm atmosphere, happily bringing people closer together.

chuẩn bị sinh nhật tháng 11/2018

các thành viên chuẩn bị tiếc sinh nhật

mọi người nhìn các thành viên chuẩn bị thối nến

Every month, the song “Happy birthday” comes up, along with a sweet cake that is a good blessing to the members who have birthdays in the month.

bánh kem sinh nhật tháng 11/2018

mọi người chúc mừng các thành viên sinh nhậtcác thành viên nhận sình nhật

The members of the November birthday are happy to receive gifts

“A familiar melody” game

Event organizers have not stopped creating, preparing attractive games, full of laughter so that we can have memorable and proud birthday parties.

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thành viên trả lời câu hỏi đố

The party ended, everyone was happy and comfortable because they had close moments to create a warm working relationship in the Hao Phuong common house.