Hao Phuong deploys construction of company cafeteria

Cafeteria 3

In order to meet the necessities of having lunch space for all employees, Hao Phuong Company Board of directors decided to build a cafeteria. The construction was started in early February.

The cafeteria is an urgent demand and needs to be completed soon

Hao Phuong Company has not had a complete dining area for its staff since its construction. Until now, everyone has to have lunch in the factory area. This causes many inconveniences. Especially when goods are shipped, dismantled at the factory. For this reason, the cafeteria has been under construction since the beginning of February and is expected to be completed in May this year.

Cafeteria 1

Looking at the illustration, we can see that the cafeteria will be located on the rooftop of Hao Phuong Company’s headquarters in Binh Duong. The cafeteria space is very airy and friendly. Design is equally modern. The cafeteria promises many beautiful views for everyone to enjoy.

Cafeteria 2

The cafeteria viewed from the side. Glass is heavily used in this project to increase the airiness of the surrounding space

Cafeteria 3

The cafeteria will be adorned with many green trees, creating an environmental friendliness

The process of construction and completion of this work will continue to be updated in the next articles of Hao Phuong message board. Do not forget to follow along to know the details.