Hao Phuong – Customer appreciation events

Hao Phuong will hold seminars to thank customers

Hao Phuong’s annual programs and campaigns not only focus on creating images but also focusing on customers. Besides long-term development strategies, Hao Phuong does not forget to develop after-sales and support services. In addition, every year Hao Phuong always organizes seminars and exhibitions to increase friendliness and enhance customer care strategy, not only for domestic customers but also expand with foreign partners.

At the end of September, Hao Phuong introduced some new products of the company. The seminar was attended by the leadership of Fuji Group of Japan, the board of directors, close customers and the staff of Hao Phuong. This is an opportunity for customers to exchange, learn, receive technology and new knowledge. In addition, it is also an opportunity for customers to share, contribute ideas as well as questions about new product lines to get the most accurate answers from experts of Fuji Group and Hao Phuong Company. That tightens the link between close customers to Hao Phuong.

With the Slogan: “Think Together” – Hao Phuong commits: always updating, sharing with customers about the latest and most advanced product lines to give customers the optimal choice, economic economical and effective.

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