Hao Phuong congratulates the members’ birthday in April

As a tradition, a birthday party for members who was born in April was held at Hao Phuong showroom in a cozy atmosphere.

At 15:45, everyone stopped their work to attend the birthday celebration. This is an opportunity for people to chat freely after stressful work. These birthday celebrations also help the company members stick together.

Preparation for the party

Before the party started, the Human Resources department prepared carefully dishes as well as gifts for individuals who have birthday in April.

Trái cây và quà

The gifts and fruit serving the party were prepared

Bánh kẹo và trái cây

candies and other foods are served in the party

Members who have birthdays in April

The company would like to send birthday greetings to the staff below. Wishing everyone good health and spirit. In order to continue to work with Hao Phuong.

Danh sách sinh nhật tháng 4

Each month, the song “Happy Birthday” resounds again with a birthday cake with lots of candles. This is also a good wishes to all members who have birthdays in the month.

The birthday celebration begins with a small warm-up game. After Ms. Thanh – HR Department shouted the command, everyone would give a massage for the one in front of them.Trò chÆ¡i khởi động

Warm-up game at the beginning of the party

Next is the birthday cake blowing. Everyone sang the song “Happy birthday” as a good wish for members who have a birthday in the month.

Bánh sinh nhật

The birthday cake of this April

Thổi nến

everybody was cheering and blowing the candles together

Trao quà sinh nhật

The board of directors gave gifts to members who have  birthday this April

Trò chuyện vui vẻ

People  were chatting in a happy atmosphere

At the end of the party, there was a small game. Include questions about Hao Phuong so that everyone has the right to answer. This game has helped people once again review memorable information about the company.

Trò chơi trả lời câu hỏi

Everyone participated in answering questions about Hao Phuong

The party ended well. See you again next month.