Hao Phuong completed the project of installing transformer stations for CPV Food and C.P Vietnam branch

Recently, Hao Phuong Company has completed 2 projects of supplying and installing transformer stations. A project for CPV Food Co., Ltd. The remaining project is for branch Plant 2 in Binh Phuoc of C.P Vietnam Joint Stock Company.

Hao Phuong is a reliable partner for many years of C.P Group

In recent years, Hao Phuong has had the opportunity to cooperate in many important projects with C.P Group. The company leadership always upholds the trust of our customers. Regardless of that expectation and belief, the company always meets the construction schedule and the quality assurance criteria of the project.

The project is being finished in its final stages

The project started construction in late June 2019 from the handover of the ground. Up to now, the technical team has tested the power for a factory. Expected mid-September will energize the substation. After that, the acceptance will be completed and handed over to the whole project.

Specifically, with Plant Branch 2 in Binh Phuoc, the scope of work includes the supply and installation of 3 substations. In which one station 2000KVA and 2 stations 2500KVA.

For CPV Food chicken factory, the scope of the project’s work includes supplying and installing 2 2500KVA transformer stations. Both factories are located in Becamex Binh Phuoc Industrial Park, Minh Thanh Commune, Chon Thanh District, Binh Phuoc Province.

Both projects play an important role

Becamex Binh Phuoc Industrial Park is a key area. This is where the provincial leaders facilitate strong investment in high-tech breeding. There is also a biosafety sector. Especially, the export project of CPV Food with an output of 1 million chickens/week is very interested.

Mr. Vu Anh Tuan – Deputy General Director of C.P said: “The total investment capital of the project in phase 1 is 230 million USD. In it will form a factory feed of world-class scale. Phase 1 capacity is estimated at 300 thousand tons/year. ”

Some photos were recorded during the project completion stage

Máy biến áp 2500 KVA (1)Máy biến áp 2500 KVA (2)

2500KVA transformer

Thí nghiệm đấu cáp ngầm

The technical team was experimenting with underground cables

Đấu cáp trung thế

The construction team was wiring the medium voltage cable

Đưa máy biến áp vào vị trí và lắp đặt (1)Đưa máy biến áp vào vị trí và lắp đặt (2)

Putting the transformers in position and install

Máy biến áp sau khi lắp đặt

The transformer after being installed

Tủ RMU của trạm biến ápRMU cabinet of the substation

Although construction factors and weather conditions cause many obstacles. But the project of supplying and installing the substation system for CPV Food Co., Ltd. and the branch of Factory 2 in Binh Phuoc of C.P Vietnam Joint Stock Company has completed on schedule. This achievement has been attributed to the continuous contributions and efforts of the engineering team. Besides, the construction team of Hao Phuong. This is an important step to help the company become more and more complete to promote its capabilities. From there we hope to have more opportunities to best serve our customers and partners.

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