Hao Phuong completed the booth preparation for the 2019 VIMF exhibition

Hao Phuong’s staff is rushing to complete the final stages of the booth. We are ready to welcome visitors to the 2019 VIMF exhibition from June 12-14.

The preparation has been done many days ago.

Among the products shipped to Binh Duong Convention and Exhibition Center, it is impossible not to mention the company’s most outstanding products this time. It is the industrial automation robots like OMBA robots, Palletizing robots...

Robot đóng mở miệng baoRobot xếp bao lên palletPalletizing robots and OMBA robots are transported to Hao Phuong booth in the exhibition area

The assembly, arrangement and finishing stages are also being urgently implemented by Hao Phuong’s staff to keep up with the progress and work requirements.Hoàn thành gian hàng 1Hoàn thành gian hàng 2Hoàn thành gian hàng 3Hoàn thành gian hàng 4Hoàn thành gian hàng 5Hoàn thành gian hàng 6Hoàn thành gian hàng 7Hoàn thành gian hàng 8

The finishing stages of the booth are being quickly completed

Tiếp khách 3Tiếp khách 1Tiếp khách 2Company leaders of Hao Phuong welcome the first few customers and partners to visit the company’s booth

HÆ¡n một ná»­a khối lượng công việc đã hoàn thànhMore than half of the workload for this year’s exhibition has been completed

With a careful investment, Hao Phuong put a lot of expectations on this exhibition. We hope to attract much attention from visitors. Especially customers and partners. See you at the exhibition.