Hao Phuong Co., Ltd at 2014 ETE exhibition

triển lãm tại ETE 2014
Hạo phương triển lãm tại ETE 2014

The International Exhibition of Technology and Electrical Equipment is a part of the Vietnamese government’s key trade promotion program.

– This is the only specialized electrical exhibition held annually under the auspices of the government.
– The exhibition is held once a year in Ho Chi Minh City – the city with the fastest economic growth in Vietnam.
– The exhibition has successfully organized 5 times and gathered many famous units and enterprises from different regions and countries such as China, Korea, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, etc.
– Following that success, the 6th International Exhibition on Electrical Technology and Equipment in 2013 is expected to attract more businesses and specialized business units to participate

Field of display:

* Technology and Electrical Equipment – Automation
* Lamps and lighting equipment
* Contractors provide and install complete equipment

Time: From 24 to 27 July 2014
Location: Tan Binh International Convention and Exhibition Center – TBECC, 446 Hoang Van Thu, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City

Hao Phuong CO., LTD at the ETE 2014 EXHIBITION

– As one of the largest organized booths at the International Exhibition on electrical technology and equipment – Vietnam ETE 2014

hạo phương triển lãm ete 2014, hình ảnh 1

Hao Phuong Co., Ltd. was established in 2004 and is a distributor of industrial electrical equipment and automation of famous brands such as Fuji Electric – Japan; IDEC – Japan, Kansai, Binmaster ..

At the same time, Hao Phuong Co., Ltd. is also the leading Automation system integrator in Vietnam for many years with typical projects as below.

hạo phương triển lãm ete 2014, hình ảnh 2

– Coming to 2014 Vietnam ETE Exhibition, Hao Phuong Co., Ltd. introduced to visitors the product lines that we have provided, which has affirmed its position in Vietnam and international markets.
– Besides, we also introduce visitors to new product lines with superior features, superior quality and reasonable prices. These will be our company’s strategic product lines in the future.
What are the items of Hao Phuong’s exhibition booth ? :

1. Elevator control cabinet

Tủ điều khiển thang máy
– A product line produced by Hao Phuong in order to meet the increasing demand of the elevator industry.
– Integrated control board (replace PLC), inverter, …
– With superior features and reasonable price, “Elevator control cabinet” will be Hao Phuong’s strategic product line in the future.

2. Fuji Electric products (Fuji Drive)

New inverter series:
biến tần FRENIC ACE
FRENIC ACE inverter
– New inverter series, developed from 2 inverter lines Frenic-Multi and Frenic-Mega
– Wide capaciity range: 0.1kW-630kW, Builting-in 4 different load types (ND, HD, HND, HHD) so it can meet almost any industrial application.
– …

dòng biến tần Frenic-Eco
– New inverter series has been developed from Frenic-Eco inverter series
– A line of inverter dedicated to HVAC industry
– High anti-interference ability due to integrated EMC filter and DC Reactor
– Energy saving function and PID control

biến tần FRENIC AQUA
– New inverter series has been developed from Frenic inverter -Eco
– It is a specialized inverter for pumps
– High anti-interference ability due to integrated EMC filter and DC Reactor
– Energy saving function and PID control
– Multi-pump control function (Cascade control)

3. Fuji Electric products (Fuji ED&C)
Fuji ED&C, hình ảnh 1 Fuji ED&C, hình ảnh 2 Fuji ED&C, hình ảnh 3 Fuji ED&C, hình ảnh 4

4. Products of IDEC IZUMI

IDEC IZUMI hình ảnh 1 IDEC IZUMI hình ảnh 2 IDEC IZUMI hình ảnh 3 IDEC IZUMI hình ảnh 4

5. Kansai-Automation products

Kansai-Automation hình ảnh 1 Kansai-Automation hình ảnh 2 Kansai-Automation hình ảnh 3
In addition to the products displayed, Hao Phuong also gives customers interesting experiences through quality Demo sets that we have imported and are carefully considered.